Picture question: How many bras does American artist Ron Nicolino expect to use in his tapestry of the Statue of Liberty handing a red bra to the President?

1. Who was referred to, by official sources, as a "blessing from God" on his 61st birthday last week?

2. Where did nakedness celebrate a 40th birthday?

3. Where were 50 years of troubled existence celebrated?

4. Who or what is TEA, which will be launched in Sydney on the Queen's birthday in June?

5. Who ignored many questions on an Internet call-in, but said she wanted "food and smokes" on her birthday?

6. In what way will B&Q be helping to clear a Devonian Dung Mountain?

7. Which new law in Peru has been criticised by congressman Henry Gustavo Manuel Serapio Pease?

8. Where have hat-doffing and kneeling faded into history?

9. What do Maria Liberia-Peters, Kim Campbell, Tansu Ciller, Vigdis Finnbogadottir and Hanna Suchocka have in common that brought them all to Harvard? And what countries did they come from?

10. Who had a last meal of oysters, foie gras, capons and an illegal ortolan on New Year's Eve in 1995? ANSWERS Picture question: 40,000 (scores as correct if within 10,000). 1. Saddam Hussein. 2. Raymond's Revuebar in Soho. 3. Israel. 4. The English in Australia. 5. Koko the gorilla. 6. By selling Zoo Poo - elephant, rhino and giraffe dung - to be used as fertiliser. 7. An edict to limit the number of first names a child may be given to two. 8. The House of Lords voted to end the requirement for new members to doff their hats and kneel to the Lord Chancellor. 9. They were all women prime ministers of their countries: Dutch Antilles, Canada, Turkey, Iceland and Poland, respectively. 10. Francois Mitterrand.