"Stripping is a get-in or get-out situation. You're going to make a fool of yourself for a while, so you might want to knock back a few before going on. If you're part-exhibitionist, tap into that. The more you dance, the better stripper you'll become. Get some clothes you know you look sexy in and can be removed no problem. When you're stripping you're trying to physically entice someone to come up and spend some money on you. So flirt with your body, take your time and make eye-contact with the audience - it gives a personal connection, and the customers like it. There are some obvious moves, like arching your back and pushing out your tits, and wearing high heels to elongate the legs, but I don't really do these because they're so typical. Every dancer's got their own style so watch as many as you can, to pick up some moves. But don't become so polished that you look bored because people can tell: even if you aren't, look like you're having a good time.

You don't need a `perfect' body; attitude and personality will go miles. Men are more forgiving than we give them credit, and strip clubs are one of the few places where, if a guy wants a girl with a tummy or a big butt, he can find it. I haven't heard of many women stripping for their partners - if they do they don't talk about it. I know I'd feel weird doing that! But I've definitely got more creative and learnt a lot of neat things on the job that I apply in my personal life." Interview by Fiona McClymont

Teresa Dulce is an exotic dancer and editor of `Danzine', a quarterly publication for and by workers in the sex industry.