APPEARANCE: Cheeky wee urchin. Danny boy is a lanky young scruff with a face like a lima and a bandaged ear.

ROUGH 'N' TOUGH CREDENTIALS: Claims to hang out with ageing gangsters and dilapidated strippers in Soho. Flouts a fetish for the images of porn, heavy weaponry and recreational drugs. That's Da-a-a-n with an Estuary accent to you, mate.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Old Etonian Viscount Ovenden, future Earl Stockton, great grandson of Harold Macmillan. Heir to the Macmillan publishing fortune, currently estimated at pounds 300 million.

IN THE NEWS: Mr Macmillan is currently to be seen on the arm of a certain Miss Jade Jagger, of Notting Hill, London. Miss Jagger is no stranger to the public eye herself; her father fronts a popular Sixties beat combo, wittily titled, if I remember correctly, "The Rolling Stones".

MAIN CLAIM: Our Dan is at the vanguard of the male aristo-model/artist/something- or-other movement, no doubt shortly to be dubbed MAMAS boys. Leapt into the public eye after baring his pubes on the catwalk whilst modelling a pair of Alexander McQueen's trademark "Bumsters" trousers. When not strutting his highly-paid stuff he can be found putting together the odd exhibition - "Group Sex"; promoting his own fashion label - "Macvillain"; and contemplating his vast collection of trainers.

HIGH LIFE: "Macvillain" clothing designs in pre-production are rumoured to include an overcoat with a "stash" pocket under the arm. And the boy certainly has an eye for the lay-deez; before Jade he was known to have brushed bee-stung lips with lil' ol' Kate Moss. He also "hangs" with that nice gel Iris Palmer.

FAME PROSPECTS: Quite how many of these career dilettantes Notting Hill can support is a tricky question; currently they can design lovely jewellery (Miss Jagger) which are sold in a friend's shop (The Cross) and bought and promoted by other model friends (Iris Palmer) who help run magazines (Cheap Date). Saturation point, or at least death-by-nepotism, cannot be far off. However, Dan does seem to have a universal appeal; the tabloids love him because he's a naughty toff and super-trendy style mags like Dazed & Confused love him because, er, he's a naughty toff.

CAREER DEATH WATCH: Things could get nasty for Dan if he starts taking himself remotely seriously, or if he does the love-rat-thang on single mother of two Jade. Given that he went to St Martin's College, he might also do well to drop the "common people" stance pronto.