MAIN CLAIM: Dressmaker to the starlets. The Tara Palmer-Tomkinson of the rag trade, Isabell Kristensen is the fashion designer who magically appears to spend more time at parties, in diary columns, and Hello! magazine than toiling with a mouthful of pins behind her sewing machine. The microceleb's favourite frocksmith, at 32, she has been revealing the secret of her teenage-size figure to a waiting world. Six foot, and 39-26-37, the root of her enviable slenderness is down to DNA. "I'm lucky, I have my father's genes," she reveals. "My body is naturally firm and my skin very smooth." So now we know how we can do it, too.

APPEARANCE: Latino Barbie meets early-Seventies Bond girl. True jolie laide; almost beautiful, yet bizarre in a cross-eyed, clench-jawed, and orthodontically over-blessed manner. Argentinean mall queen.

DRESS CODE: Danish-born Isabell favours designs of the frothy and colourful variety: hourglass evening wear in screaming lime duchess satin, bold, floral fish-tails teamed with figure-hugging pink flamenco flounces, shiny animal prints and boas. You understand the kind of thing? "Glamour is more fun," she explains. Issy is best known for Sheryl's dress for her wedding to Gazza, a simple confection consisting of 200 metres of peach tulle, topped with 30,000 pearl and glass beads. Exquisitely vulgar, they thrill and dazzle a certain breed of rich woman, and are modelled by an army of Famous for Being Famous mannequins of a decidedly part-time nature - Shezza, Tamara, Normandie Keith and Christina Estrada, etc. Hello!, her greatest fan, describes her clothes as "attention grabbing". Yes indeed.

HOME TRUTHS: La Kristensen lives in west London, with a Maths professor named Constantine whom she met over Lapsang Souchong and scones. A model, she studied fashion at St. Martin's while pregnant. Her four children, Sophie, Valentina, Martin and Nichola, are aged six to 12. She set up her Beauchamp Place boutique in 1993, and has dressed Tina Turner, Cher, Britt Ekland and Shirley Bassey.

FAME PROSPECTS: Like Carolina Herrera and the late Lady "Kanga" Tryon, Isabell is a socialite dressmaker with a nifty eye for PR. Perfume, a minor royal's wedding, and a surprise affair with Alexander McQueen, Gazza or Stella McCartney would see her nicely into the millennium. However, loud frocks for microcelebs guarantee attention. And Shezza might always marry someone else.