This nougatty chocolate snack used to be frustrating to eat / Pixabay

All that chocolate-related suffering has been for nothing

Everyone loves a good Toblerone – whether it’s the mini one you bought yourself from Tesco; the gift you got from your cousin who has no idea who you are; or the £75 version that is the size of a small child. 

What nobody loves is trying to break off the little pieces, stressing out, and getting chocolate all over your hands. 

If you haven’t given up and used your teeth to bite bits off instead, you’re a liar. 

So, is the number one triangular chocolate snack badly designed? Nope – you’ve just been doing it all wrong. 

Toblerones are designed that way for a reason. 

Take a look at the gif below.

Don’t try to tug the pieces off, try to break them off by pushing the top of the triangle down.