Britons save less than they did a year ago

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The amount of money Britons are putting aside for their futures has slipped again, according to research from National Savings & Investments.

On average, Britons are setting aside £82.92 (6.69 per cent) of their income every month. This is a decline from a year ago, when people were saving on average £88.65.

This figure also represents the lowest recorded level for autumn since the NS&I survey began several years ago. It is down from last quarter, summer 2010, when the average amount saved per month was £87.37. This drop could be a result of declining income levels. Average monthly take-home income has fallen from £1,384.20 in autumn 2009 to £1,239.10 this quarter.

Savings among women have fallen by the biggest percentage on average, from £71.07 a year ago to £63.43 this year.

Male savers have cut their monthly savings from £107.35 in autumn 2009 to £103.15 this quarter. But in 2011 the picture could change again. "People are slightly more optimistic about their savings in the coming year. On average, 29 per cent of savers think they are more likely to save in 2011," said NS&I's spokesman, Tim Mack.

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