Refunds for delayed Tube journeys at the click of a mouse

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Londoners now have a helping hand if they want to claim back cash for delayed Tube journeys with the launch of free-to-use service,

People with travel cards or Oyster cards can claim back money for Tube journeys that are delayed by more than 15 minutes, presuming it is the fault of TFL, for example, signal failure or late completion of engineering works.

"Most people are probably aware that they're entitled to claim refunds on delayed Tubes, but so few people actually take the time to make a claim because it can be such a lengthy process that it hardly seems worth the time and effort," says Connor Kinnear, founder of

To make life easy, Mytubewaslate automatically alerts you when one of your trains is late and sends you the refund form. All you need to do is press the send button, or print off the form and post it. The potential rewards are impressive: a Zones 1-4 commuter with one delayed Tube journey a week could make £145 over the course of a year. The refunds come in the form of vouchers that can either be used to buy a new travel card or top up your Oyster.

For other rail operators in the UK as well as the London Underground, a similar free service is offered by

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