Simon Read: It's about time we had simpler consumer rights

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In the Queen's Speech the Government announced it will establish "a simple set of consumer rights to promote competitive markets and growth."

I can't wait to see them. There are currently eight different laws on consumer rights, many outrageously outdated. Crucially there's very little on the statute books about online deals or digital downloads.

A new bill should correct that and put more power in the hands of consumers and give them certainty about what retailers can get away with, whether they're on the high street or online.

However, I agree with Gillian Guy of Citizens Advice who says regulators "should be able to crack down on dodgy practices by making businesses give customers adequate compensation". That is much-needed. Compensation should be fair, not just a token few quid to shut up angry customers, who need a clear 30-day window to get a full refund on faulty goods.

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