Simon Read: Travel cover has fallen behind the times


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A Which? investigation published today shows that travel insurance policies have failed to move with the times, giving inadequate cover for the full costs of lost or stolen valuables abroad and potentially leaving holidaymakers hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

That's because many travel insurers have not updated policies to include replacement cover for the everyday gadgets that millions now take on holiday, such as smartphones, iPads, iPods and cameras.

Every standard policy Which? looked at had a single item limit for valuables of only £300 or less – less than you'd need to replace any of your portable gadgets.

Which? advises: "To avoid a nasty surprise, travellers should shop around and read the small print or they could find themselves seriously out of pocket."

But it's up to insurers to offer the cover that people need. It's shocking that some policies are now almost worthless. As holidays approach, cover must be made fit for purpose.

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