Solar on Schools project offers green investors 'tangible, ethical assets'


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A new Solar on Schools project gives investors the chance to make decent returns while helping to benefit schools across the country.

It's the latest from Abundance Generation, the ethical investment platform. The scheme allows you to invest from as little as £5 and get a rate of return of 7 per cent with an early bird bonus, or 6.7 per cent after.

Meanwhile, the 19 primary and secondary schools signed up for the project will pay nothing, but will get a 30 per cent discount on their electricity.

Engynious Schools will manage solar panels installed on schools across England. To date, 21 systems have been installed and are already generating electricity for 19 schools, with more planned.

Bruce Davis, co-founder of Abundance said: "This project is a perfect example of a genuine Green Dividend and right where it is needed. It also shows it is possible to invest in tangible, ethical assets that do good and enjoy returns far greater than those paid from mainstream products."

The project lasts for 19 years. Investors get payouts every six months and their capital returned at the end. However investors will be able sell their debentures – as the investment are known – to others at the Abundance website at any time. Go to

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