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Show you care about animal welfare by voting for the RSPCA People’s Choice Award, which recognises supermarkets championing animal welfare issues.

The final award is voted on by you, the consumer, so it’s your chance to have your say and show that you care about animal welfare when you’re shopping.

To vote, simply click on the pen below the supermarket logo of your choice in the widget below. You can rollover each logo to find out more about the achievements of each store.

You can also share the widget through your social networks and encourage others to vote by clicking on the icons in the bottom right hand corner.

*System of production is higher welfare in some aspects than standard production, but does not fully comply with all RSPCA welfare standards.

Introducing the RSPCA Good Business Awards

The RSPCA Good Business Awards recognise the very best businesses in the UK fashion and food industries. And when we say best, we mean those that go the extra mile to ensure animal welfare is top of their priority list.

The People’s Choice Supermarket

The People’s Choice Supermarket Award in conjunction with The Independent is your chance to have your say in the RSPCA Good Business Awards.

UK food production uses around 40 million cattle, calves, sheep, pigs and nearly 900 million poultry every year, and their welfare is of the utmost importance to the RSPCA.

The good news is that year by year, it’s becoming more important to many supermarkets and shoppers across the country too. More and more of us only want to put higher welfare, free-range or organic meat in our trolleys and onto our plates.

Find out more about the awards here:

Who will you choose in 2011?

This year there are four supermarkets to choose from:

Voting closes on Friday 9 September 2011 and winners will be announced on 5 October 2011. So have your say and pick the supermarket that goes the extra mile for animal welfare.

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