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Business Analysis & Features

Groupon, the $30bn company that didn't match the hype

As the daily coupon pioneer cuts 10 per cent of its workforce and closes its operations in seven countries, Andrew Dewson looks at what went wrong at a group that less than four years staged the biggest flotation in New York since Google 

UK’s mining industry is revived – by Australians

Wolf Minerals is today opening the first new mine in the UK for nearly half a century. Drakelands in Devon will be one of the world’s top five producers of  tungsten – one metal whose price has not sunk because of a supply glut in recent years

Luxury brands plant new flags on UK map

As London Fashion Week opens, high-end retailers from Hugo Boss to Michael Kors to Versus Versace are expanding in Britain – and they’re stepping out of the London comfort zone to target catwalk fans in the regions

The scrummage for Rugby World Cup profits begins

When it comes to sporting bets, an event such as this month's tournament in England is a typical example of one which attracts thousands of businesses and industries, all looking to capitalise on its global exposure

Playing the shell game can make (or cost) you a fortune

A small AIM-listed mining company that has sold all its assets is a perfect vehicle for shell investors. As Jamie Nimmo explains, they can sidestep the costly IPO process and get straight to building a listed business. But there are still risks