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Major league weirdness in Bubblesoap, which presents the adventures of Funnie, Hunnie and Momoney, members of some crazy band of loonies who float around on mini-islands, strutting their funky stuff and smiling. The site also features the unmissable "Penny Royal and Pumpernickle Show", about two horses cruising around in a purple van. Ludicrous electronic sub-jazz tunes back up this happy fairground of Flash fun.

Arthur Mount is an illustrator who has been getting some good press recently, and it's easy to see why his work is received so favourably by web design gurus. His crystal-clear renderings of people, places and things will be familiar to those who like vector graphics, although Mount creates his work using traditional media. His illustrative work is accomplished, but can sometimes look bland.

GPS artists, Jeremy Wood and Hugh Prior, continue their wonderfully wacky wandering projects around southern England. The two take hand-held Global Positioning System gadgets with them while tracing out pictures of fish and butterflies on the streets and roads of various locations. They then use tracking and rendering software to record their unusually shaped journeys. Visit their site, marvel at their meanderings and join in the fun of walk-drawing. Some might say that when you have too much free time, this is the result.

"The Establishment", a fan-site for the late, great, Peter Cook, presents a worthy tribute to one of Britain's funniest comedians. The site's strong point is the numerous audio downloads of lesser-known routines and monologues, delivered in Cook's hilariously witty and highly-original character vehicles. There are also recordings of illuminating interviews with this much-missed comedian.

French artist Nicolas Clauss, shows his colours (predominantly subtle dark greens) in this pretty presentation of smooth Shockwave. Combining elements of classical culture with more popular motifs, he presents understated animations with original navigations. In "Legato" your mouseclicks leave ghostly outline trails of dancing stick-men, while you help a dreaming hedgehog hula-hoop his way through bubbles in "Behind the Drawer".

Last month, the prestigious World Press Photo award for 2001 was announced, with Dane, Erik Refner, taking the first prize for his coverage of the refugee situation in Pakistan. The site enables you to take a look at the top three prizes given in categories ranging from sport and news to the natural world. Here's your chance to see whether you agree with the judges' verdicts on the prize-winning shots.

The needs of those who do the essential work of caring for people who are unable to look after themselves are often overlooked, but the Princess Royal Trust for Carers redresses the balance with their site, which supports, and presents information of interest to, the estimated 5.7m carers nationwide. The site includes a useful list of locations of Carers Centres around the country.

Careering as they are from one narrowly-missed winding-up order to another with alarming regularity, English professional football clubs are finding that simply surviving has become their number one priority in the current climate of rich clubs getting richer and poor clubs shutting down. This site aims to bring all those clubs in trouble under one banner to help publicise their fans' fund-raising attempts to keep them afloat.

Advanced notice is given for the Natural Death Centre's 10th Annual "Day of the Dead" on 14 April, a celebration of everything to do with shuffling off this mortal coil. The purpose is to remember the dead, consider one's own mortality, and check out some unusual funereal artefacts. Read a report on last year's event, and book for this year's at their website.

A handy overview of all things apocalyptic, as the pace gathers towards the supposed end of the world as we know it, due to occur during the Winter Solstice of 2012. Find out exactly what the ancient Mayans predicted, how to prepare sensibly for the eschaton, and check links to discover how other end-time prophets and millenarians are handling the run-up to the Rapture.