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Building on the success of London 2012

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The Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2012 were a huge success. Thanks in no small part to all the hard work put in from everyone involved. Cisco put in a huge amount of effort and commitment too, viewing The Games as part of a bigger vision to help SMEs’ drive for technological innovation, and that’s why it has left all the equipment in the Olympic Park for SMEs to benefit from.

A big vision for technology

To continue this vision, Cisco will open two networked innovation centres. One, in Shoreditch, will be developed with local SME communities.

The second, in Stratford, will provide a state-of-the-art connected community with the focus of developing and creating the newest technology.

A big opportunity for businesses

As well as these innovation centres, Cisco will create a number of National Virtual Incubators. Designed to give SMEs an online network, they will help open up collaborations and opportunities between companies, entrepreneurs and educational research facilities.

Prime Minister David Cameron commented: “I welcome this major statement of support... This will help create many new jobs and opportunities.”

A big award

Cisco launched the BIG Awards to recognise achievement, innovation and business acumen.

These awards give the winning SMEs the chance to be mentored, trained and gain advice from top in-house experts from Cisco and potential Award partners.

After much deliberation Snap Fashion was chosen as the winner. They’ve won a prize worth $250,000, including financial support and a 12-month mentoring and support package that covers PR, marketing and legals. This will not only give their business a boost, but will encourage others to enter the technological business industry.

A big future

Cisco is committed to continuing the success of the London 2012 Games; by supporting and encouraging the next generation of UK high-tech firms to help drive the economy and leave a lasting legacy for emerging companies.


'Legacy' is a journey of discovery

As the dust settles on a summer of sporting triumphs at London 2012, how widespread will its impact be? On every front, there is good reason to be optimistic.