James Moore: BA and unions need to stop

Outlook: They should take note that Ryanair has taken to calling itself "the world's favourite airline"
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No real surprise that BA cabin crew backed their union's call for strike action yesterday.

Even though the first vote was botched – resulting in a field day for the lawyers and sparing not a few Christmas holidays from being wrecked – the widespread support for action among staff was clear.

In an increasingly bitter dispute management only added fuel to the fire by threatening to withdraw travel concessions for life from anyone who takes action, proving that they have precious little grasp of basic psychology.

If staff were in need of motivation to vote in favour of the strike, this gesture of bone-headed macho management provided it. Both sides now need to think carefully about their next move from here.

So here's a suggestion for them, for Willie Walsh and the union negotiators. Before they sit down and start spitting at each other, they should all amble over to the departure gates and take a look outside, focusing particularly carefully on the garish blue and yellow of the Ryanair planes.

Ryanair has taken to calling itself "the world's favourite airline" and has talked several times about entering the transatlantic flights markets. That's something both sides should take note of, before they destroy their business.