Coca-Cola tests Invicta's recycled drinking cups

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The beverages giant Coca-Cola is testing the world's first drinking cups made from recycled plastic water bottles ahead of a potential launch of the branded products next year.

Invicta Group, the Leicester-based plastic manufacturer, is also working with the grocer Asda on the use of recycled bottle tops and milk cartons to make merchandise, such as collection boxes, for sale in its stores.

Invicta said the breakthrough had taken almost four years of research.

The Countess of Onslow, the chief executive, said: "Never before have regular plastic drinking bottles, bottle lids and milk cartons been given a new life, such as becoming high-quality low-cost injection-moulded cups, plates and tableware, toys and marketing products, fashion accessories and socially responsible educational equipment in every colour without some sort of virgin polymer or stabiliser added – until now."