Jim Carr

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In our article, 'Taboo-buster: the dark side of Jimmy Carr' (18 November 2008), we wrote that Jimmy Carr's mother had divorced his father seven years before her death.

We have been asked by Jim Carr, Jimmy Carr's father, to correct this. They had an amicable separation but never divorced. Jim Carr has also asked us to make it clear that although, by choice, his youngest son, Patrick, continued to live in the family home with his older brother Jimmy, Jim Carr continued to be financially responsible for, and was the only legal guardian of, his youngest son until that son reached the age of 18 some 3 years later, so it was misleading to write in the article that Jimmy Carr and his older brother ' took on the responsibility of bringing up their younger brother'. We are pleased to do so and apologise to Jim Carr for the errors.