Dallaglio faces new cocaine allegations

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THE FORMER England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio, already being investigated over allegations of drug abuse, threatened legal action yester- day over new claims that he took cocaine while celebrating at a south London bar with club-mates from Wasps.

Dallaglio, 27, resigned as England captain three weeks ago after reporters tape-recorded him bragging about drug dealing and using drugs. At a later press conference he said he had been "foolish and naive" and claimed he was drunk and lied to the reporters.

The Rugby Football Union is investigating the allegations, and, according to the Mail on Sunday, the inquiry has been given two legal statements that claim Dallaglio took cocaine in a bar as he and other members of his club celebrated winning a key game five weeks ago. One of the statements was given by Richard Nicholls, a chef, who allegedly says he saw Dallaglio snort cocaine; the other was given by Mr Nicholls' girlfriend who says she heard Dallaglio ask her boyfriend if he could supply him with ecstasy.

A spokeswoman for Dallaglio, said yesterday: "These are outrageous lies. Lawrence is baffled [as to] why these people are seeking to discredit him."