David Miliband hints at return to Westminster

Former Labour MP also backed brother Ed for general election

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David Miliband has hinted at a return to politics – while backing his brother for a Labour win at the next election.

Mr Miliband, who now runs the International Rescue Committee  charity in New York, told the Financial Times that would never have predicted the direction his career had taken, adding: “You just don’t know do you?”

The former Labour MP, once looked upon as Tony Blair’s heir-apparent to New Labour, also made comparison between his work outside the Westminster circle and Mr Blair’s career following his departure from 10 Downing Street.

“Tony Blair and John Major have said that they wish they’d done their post-premiership jobs before they became prime minister,” he says.

Mr Miliband did voice his full support for beleaguered brother Ed. The fractious leadership battle saw the former MP for South Shields leave London to pursue a role outside professional politics.

“I passionately want Labour to win — and Ed to win,” he told the FT when asked who might win the 2015 election.


Describing his brother Ed as possessing “the clarity, the vision, the determination,” as qualities needed for a good prime minister, Mr Miliband voiced his hesitation at commenting on British politics.

“I am trying to run a charity, not a political party,” he said.

The 49-year-old British expat, removed from but clearly not forgotten by the Westminster bubble, stated: “My experience is that anything I say gets taken out of context. While it might not be twisted in your hands, it will be twisted in the re-spinology that goes on. So we should probably leave it at that.”