Druid demands return of Excalibur

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Arthur Pendragon, a druid whose sword "Excalibur" was confiscated when he was arrested at a London demonstration in support of sacked Liverpool dockers on Saturday, said he may go to the High Court to win its return. Mr Pendragon, 43, of Farnborough, Hampshire, is charged with possessing a sword with a blade longer than 7.62cm in Northumberland Avenue, in London's West End, on Saturday.

Resplendent in white flowing robes emblazoned with a red dragon, Mr Pendragon said he was lost without Excalibur and wanted the sword returned so he could carry out his ceremonial duties.

"I am a sword bearer and without my sword I am nothing," he said.

Mr Pendragon, who believes he is the reincarnation of King Arthur (pictured) added: "I have the sword with me wherever I go, I even sleep with it. It is never out of its sheath, except in ritual and ceremony". He said he had agreed to be bailed only because his deposit and nomination papers need to be in by 4pm on Wednesday in the Aldershot constituency where is to stand as an independent candidate.