Jamie Oliver welcomes school meals move


Campaigner Jamie Oliver has welcomed Parliamentary efforts to highlight concerns about school nutritional standards.

The TV chef and restaurant boss backed an early day motion by MP Zac Goldsmith for academies and free schools to be covered by food standard requirements, which already apply to other schools.

Since opening in September 2010, these new schools have not been covered by the nutritional regulations which Oliver had fought for through his Jamie's School Dinners series.

The presenter has been working with other bodies to try to force a change in the policy to bring the new institutions into line.

Oliver said: "Over the last year, I've become increasingly worried that the nutritional standards we fought so hard to introduce are not being applied to the new academies which the coalition government favours.

"As a result, head-teachers under financial pressures may feel that quality school food can take a back-seat and the bad old days of reconstituted meat shapes and chips every day could easily make a comeback."

He said he hoped the EDM received the backing of other MPs to allow it to be debated.

"We need to send a strong message and to do that we need as many MPs as possible from across all parties to sign this motion," he added.

He urged parents to get involved with their campaign at http://www.sosfood.org.uk.