Michael Gove 'backs more grammar schools'


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Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has pledged his support for the expansion of grammar schools, it was claimed yesterday.

People who attended a reception at the Commons last month held by Friends of Grammar Schools said Mr Gove had expressed support for the example set in Kent, where a new "satellite" grammar school – an extension of an existing one – has opened. Christopher Ray, high master of Manchester Grammar School, said Mr Gove had been "enthusiastic" about the extension of a similar scheme to other grammar schools.

Graham Brady, the Tory MP and grammar school campaigner who organised the reception, added: "I think that would be how I remembered what he said – although I don't remember the exact words."

But Mr Gove's office insisted he had not made such a promise. "He was very careful with his words," a source said. "[He said] 'Grammar schools are great... I believe all good schools should be allowed to expand'."