Oral tests 'may stop pupils cheating'

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Pupils should be given an oral test on their exam coursework to make sure they have not been cheating, the Government's exams watchdog has said.

Ministers have been alarmed by a widespread increase in cheating - with many youngsters getting help for GCSE and A-level coursework from their parents or ripping answers off the internet. As a result, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority urged teachers to give their pupils an oral test on what they have written. They are also suggesting the pupils should be given follow-up work in the classroom on their previous assignments.

If they fail to answer the questions or repeat their answers in a classroom, they could then be reported to exam boards as potential cheats - and face disqualification from the exam.

The call for oral tests is included in a leaflet, Authenticating Coursework: A Teacher's Guide, published by the QCA yesterday. Sue Kirkham, who chairs its coursework taskforce and is president of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: "It is essential that teachers are given advice and guidance to ensure they are able to mark coursework fairly and be able to detect if the work is not the candidate's own."