Teachers could earn up to £70,000 under performance related pay proposals, says report

Salaries could rise to that height within five to eight years, says think tank

Classroom teachers could earn up to £70,000 a year under controversial government plans to introduce performance related pay, says a report out on Friday.

The report, from the right of centre Policy Exchange think-tank, says they could rise to that height within five to eight years - thus making the profession more attractive to top graduates.

A poll of teachers conducted for the think-tank by YouGov shows 89 per cent of teachers favour the introduction of performance-related pay - despite the opposition of teachers’ unions.

However, it insists schools should put an effective appraisal system for determining teachers’ pay into place - and not just put the emphasis on their pupils’ test and exam results.

Teachers’ leaders argue the process of allowing individual headteachers to determine pay levels is unfair  - and that, with cuts in education budgets, is more likely to result in barring teachers from climbing up the pay scale than paying them extra.