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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Altarnun Community P CY PL15 7RZ1189898927.798.3
Alverton Community P CY TR18 4QD3778736828.0100.3
Antony CofE VA PL11 3AD11100919130.3100.9
Archbishop Benson CofE P VA TR1 1BN6494918829.2101.1
Berrycoombe CY PL31 2PH3268686126.098.8
Biscovey J CY PL24 2DB6770847027.1100.2
Bishop Bronescombe CofE VA PL25 3DT4598868428.1100.2
Bishop Cornish CofE P VA PL12 4PA3184817727.599.2
Bishops CofE P VA TR7 2SR2592837528.4100.3
Blackwater Community P CY TR4 8ES1070707026.498.6
Blisland Community P CY PL30 4JX3<<<<<
Bodriggy P CY TR27 4DR4185858527.999.8
Boscastle Community P CY PL35 0AU910010010031.0100.7
Boskenwyn Community P CY TR13 0NG4<<<<<
Bosvigo CY TR1 3BJ4470686426.598.8
Boyton Community P CY PL15 9RJ4<<<<<
Braddock CofE P VA PL14 4TB633503323.097.8
Breage CofE VA TR13 9PZ650333323.5<
Brunel P & N CY PL12 6DX4085857727.4100.5
Bude J CY EX23 8DR7382706827.099.0
Bugle CY PL26 8PD3056594825.0100.4
Burraton Community P CY PL12 4LT6080706526.898.9
Callington P CY PL17 7EF5491767627.8100.5
Calstock Community P CY PL18 9QL810010010029.6101.3
Camelford Community P CY PL32 9UE2879756826.8100.1
Carbeile J CY PL11 2NH10380867627.599.9
Carclaze Community P CY PL25 3TF5864725926.198.1
Cardinham CY PL30 4BN786575727.0100.2
Chacewater Community P CY TR4 8PZ12100929229.3100.6
Charlestown P CY PL25 3PB30931009329.5100.7
Coads Green P CY PL15 7LY3<<<<<
Connor Downs P CY TR27 5DH2089848429.3100.6
Constantine P CY TR11 5AG1493868629.6101.4
Coverack Community P CY TR12 6SA5<<<<<
Crowan P CY TR14 0LG1060806026.499.3
Cubert CY TR8 5HE1984797428.1100.1
Cury CofE P VA TR12 7BW6100838328.5100.2
Cusgarne Community P CY TR4 8RW710010010030.0100.4
Darite P CY PL14 5JH710010010031.3101.9
Delabole Community P CY PL33 9AL1385776226.898.3
Delaware Community P CY PL18 9EN2972525225.398.6
Devoran CY TR3 6PA2893939329.099.7
Dobwalls Community P CY PL14 4LU2793858528.3100.8
Duloe CofE J&I VA PL14 4PW989565625.799.2
Egloskerry CY PL15 8RT1090707027.3100.0
Falmouth P CY TR11 2DR3561533924.499.0
Flushing VC TR11 5TX1173736426.299.2
Fourlanesend Community P CY PL10 1LR1493939328.7100.0
Fowey P CY PL23 1HH2388797928.099.3
Foxhole P CY PL26 7UQ1580736026.2100.1
Garras Community P CY TR12 6AY2<<<<<
Germoe Community P CY TR20 9QY4<<<<<
Gerrans CY TR2 5ED786717125.799.4
Godolphin P CY TR13 9RB1182827327.5100.0
Goonhavern P CY TR4 9QD3093878728.3100.4
Gorran CY PL26 6LH9100898929.7101.0
Grade-Ruan CofE VC TR12 7JN1392928528.8100.7
Grampound Road Village CofE VA TR2 4TT1681888127.699.9
Grampound-with-Creed CofE VA TR2 4SB5<<<<<
Gulval Community P CY TR18 3BJ2496888828.5100.4
Gunnislake P CY PL18 9NA11911009128.6100.0
Gwinear Community P CY TR27 5LA8631006328.1100.7
Halwin CY TR13 0EG1164646425.699.4
Harrowbarrow CY PL17 8BQ1782767128.499.4
Heamoor Community P CY TR18 3JZ4386736827.2100.8
Illogan CY TR16 4SW4078837327.599.7
Indian Queens Community P & N CY TR9 6QZ3597919129.1101.4
Jacobstow Community P CY EX23 0BR683838327.099.7
Kea Community P CY TR3 6AY3090908329.4100.4
Kehelland Village CY TR14 0DA1593878729.0101.6
Kennall Vale CY TR3 7HY1794949428.9101.2
Kilkhampton J&I CY EX23 9QU1275837526.7100.8
King Charles P VC TR11 4EP5392777727.499.5
Ladock CofE VA TR2 4PL1173827327.398.8
Landewednack Community P CY TR12 7PB1477777727.999.6
Landulph CY PL12 6ND9891008930.099.9
Lanivet Community P CY PL30 5HE1471867127.099.2
Lanlivery Community P CY PL30 5BT1010010010029.7101.4
Lanner P CY TR16 6AZ3385918228.9100.4
Launceston Community P CY PL15 9AE2986757128.099.3
Leedstown Community P CY TR27 6AA863756324.898.4
Lerryn CofE P VA PL22 0QA967676726.098.5
Lewannick Community P CY PL15 7QY1486938628.5100.2
Liskeard Hillfort P CY PL14 6HZ4865696126.299.4
Looe P CY PL13 1JY4358775125.799.5
Lostwithiel CY PL22 0AJ2585858527.799.6
Ludgvan Community P CY TR20 8EX2095909028.7102.7
Luxulyan CY PL30 5EE9100898930.099.5
Mabe Community P CY TR10 9HB21100959529.399.6
Manaccan P CY TR12 6HR989787828.999.8
Marazion CY TR17 0DG1357574324.499.1
Marhamchurch CofE P VC EX23 0HY1653534025.398.0
Marlborough CY TR11 4HU3097807728.999.6
Mawgan-in-Pydar Community P CY TR8 4EP978897826.799.1
Mawnan CofE P VA TR11 5HQ1771765927.498.8
Menheniot P CY PL14 3QY1782717126.5100.1
Mevagissey Community P CY PL26 6TD1454855424.998.1
Millbrook CofE P VA PL10 1BG1471715725.999.0
Mithian CY TR5 0XW1410010010030.0100.3
Mount Charles CY PL25 4PP6179847527.599.7
Mount Hawke Community P CY TR4 8BA2896969329.6101.4
Mousehole Community P CY TR19 6QQ1587736727.499.7
Mullion Community P CY TR12 7DF2979797126.897.8
Mylor Community P CY TR11 5SE2277777326.799.8
Nancledra CY TR20 8NB1567606025.799.0
Nanpean Community P CY PL26 7YH1310010010028.4100.4
Nansloe Community P CY TR13 8JF1947794226.1100.4
Nanstallon Community P CY PL30 5JZ6<<<<<
Newlyn CY TR18 5QA3084686526.199.9
Newquay J CY TR7 2NL13586847628.199.7
North Petherwin P CY PL15 8NE775636326.399.2
Otterham Community P CY PL32 9YW1385928529.1100.7
Padstow CY PL28 8EX2556845625.798.4
Parc Eglos CY TR13 8UP5684888028.299.6
Pelynt CY PL13 2LG810010010028.1100.0
Pencoys P CY TR16 6RB2684807227.5100.8
Pendeen CY TR19 7SE1573404024.699.8
Pennoweth P CY TR15 1NA4267766225.998.9
Penpol CY TR27 4AH4576716227.3100.2
Penponds CY TR14 0QN1392696927.999.9
Penryn J CY TR10 8RA6663755825.597.7
Pensans P CY TR20 8UH4889817927.7100.7
Pensilva P CY PL14 5PG2186958628.6100.1
Perran-Ar-Worthal Community P CY TR3 7LA1710010010030.9100.6
Perranporth Community P CY TR6 0EU2979696227.599.9
Polperro Community P CY PL13 2JJ1547604025.098.2
Polruan Community P CY PL23 1PS1175675827.399.9
Pondhu P CY PL25 5DS2967575025.498.2
Porthleven CY TR13 9BX3382766727.599.0
Port Isaac Community P CY PL29 3RT610010010029.0<
Portreath Community P CY TR16 4LU2310010010029.9100.5
Probus Community P CY TR2 4LE2990797927.499.4
Quethiock CofE VA PL14 3SQ1275837526.799.8
Robartes J CY PL31 1LU4139442923.098.0
Roche Community P CY PL26 8EP3169594425.099.3
Rosemellin Community P CY TR14 8PG4587787627.8100.6
Roskear CY TR14 8DJ4577917727.2100.2
Sandy Hill Community P CY PL25 3AT3689838327.8100.4
Sennen CY TR19 7AW990707026.799.0
Shortlanesend Community P CY TR4 9DA888757526.399.2
Sir Robert Geffery's CofE P VA PL12 5EA2885898528.4101.0
Sithney Community P CY TR13 0AE2<<<<<
South Petherwin Community P CY PL15 7LE1593878728.6100.6
St Agnes CY TR5 0LZ3097979730.2100.3
St Breock P CY PL27 7XL3083877327.499.0
St Breward Community P CY PL30 4LX5<<<<<
St Buryan P ACC TR19 6BB2273776826.098.3
St Catherine's CofE P VA PL15 7HX3197878728.399.5
St Cleer P CY PL14 5EA3283807727.5100.0
St Columb Major Community P CY TR9 6RW3694898928.7101.2
St Columb Minor CY TR7 3JF5388887928.4100.9
St Day & Carharrack Community CY TR16 5LG1879636326.2100.0
St Dennis Community P CY PL26 8AY2484808026.899.3
St Dominic CofE VA PL12 6SU875756326.698.5
St Erme with Trispen Community P CY TR4 9BJ1192929229.3100.4
St Erth Community P CY TR27 6HN1383676726.899.1
St Francis CofE P VA TR11 4SU5377857027.5100.2
St Germans P CY PL12 5NJ1410010010028.5100.1
St Hilary CY TR20 9DR3691918529.4100.0
St Issey CofE P VA PL27 7RN1090908027.9101.3
Stithians Community P CY TR3 7DH2179797427.8100.0
St Ives J CY TR26 1DN9191848227.8100.0
St John's CP VA TR14 7AE2882867928.6100.0
St Just P CY TR19 7JU3474857128.199.0
St Keverne Community P CY TR12 6NQ771867126.698.3
St Kew Community P CY PL30 3ER10100808027.999.8
St Levan Community P CY TR19 6HD2<<<<<
St Mabyn CofE VA PL30 3BQ867565626.099.0
St Maddern's CofE VA TR20 8SP4<<<<<
St Mark's CofE P VC EX23 9PE13100757528.5101.2
St Martin-in-Meneage Community P CY TR12 6BT970907026.799.8
St Martin's CofE VA PL14 3DE3361584524.398.8
St Mary's CP VA PL31 1LW3583948028.5100.4
St Mary's CP VA TR11 4PW2997909029.2100.8
St Mary's Catholic VA TR18 2AT3281817828.1100.0
St Mary's CofE P VA TR18 4HP1291919128.499.4
St Mary's CofE VC TR1 3RJ3177777127.399.5
St Mawes Community P CY TR2 5BP7861008627.499.1
St Mellion CofE VA PL12 6RN1010010010027.999.7
St Meriadoc CofE J VA TR14 7PJ5583877528.1100.0
St Merryn CY PL28 8NP11100737328.6100.6
St Mewan Community P CY PL26 7DP6095888528.7100.8
St Michael's CofE P VC TR13 8AR5871796626.398.2
St Minver CY PL27 6QD3097979330.1102.1
St Neot Community P CY PL14 6NL1210010010030.3102.5
St Newlyn East P CY TR8 5ND1688756927.999.7
St Nicolas' CofE VA PL11 3LF1587737328.199.7
Stoke Climsland CY PL17 8ND1647654724.998.9
St Petroc's CofE P VA PL31 1DS6189797727.499.4
Stratton P CY EX23 9AP2779716426.1100.0
St Stephen Churchtown Community P CY PL26 7NZ4362816226.898.4
St Stephens Community P CY PL15 8HL2982757127.4100.1
St Stephens Saltash Community P CY PL12 4AQ4372726025.998.2
St Teath Community P CY PL30 3JX8881008828.1100.3
St Tudy CofE P VA PL30 3NH757575724.099.2
St Uny CofE VA TR26 2SQ3695848428.4100.8
St Wenn CY PL30 5PS5<<<<<
St Winnow CofE VA PL22 0RA1038503822.198.4
Summercourt Community P CY TR8 5EA13100858529.199.6
Threemilestone CY TR3 6DH5393918729.5101.0
Tintagel P CY PL34 0DU2078565626.299.3
Trannack Community P CY TR13 0DQ4<<<<<
Tregadillett Community P CY PL15 7EU771717126.6100.6
Tregolls CY TR1 1LH2458505023.697.1
Tregony Community P CY TR2 5RP17100949429.399.3
Trekenner Community P CY PL15 9PH6831008329.5100.2
Treleigh Community P CY TR16 4AY3190948728.6100.7
Treloweth Community P CY TR15 3JL6075746526.2100.3
Trenode CofE VA PL13 1QA1587938728.0101.6
Trevisker Community P CY PL27 7UD1486717128.599.7
Trevithick P CY TR14 7RH4386938628.5100.4
Trewidland Community P CY PL14 4SJ610010010031.5100.2
Trewirgie J CY TR15 2QN9086817727.198.3
Treyew P CY TR1 3PQ2470786125.998.8
Troon Community P CY TR14 9ED1878786727.399.7
Trythall Community P CY TR20 8XR1392858530.399.1
Tywardreath CY PL24 2PT4580837626.999.2
Upton Cross P CY PL14 5AX1267756725.599.2
Veryan CofE VA TR2 5QA1173735527.398.2
Wadebridge Community P CY PL27 6BL6077777027.598.6
Warbstow Community P CY PL15 8UP1090707027.9100.6
Weeth Community P CY TR14 7GA2275676326.1100.2
Wendron CofE P VA TR13 0PX1371716426.698.9
Werrington CY PL15 8TN3<<<<<
Whitemoor Community P CY PL26 7XQ850252523.398.8
Whitstone Community P CY EX22 6TH667676725.098.8