Secondary schools tables

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The following tables are available for today's results:

Average Level 3 point score per student -

Top 200 : Comprehensive/Modern

Top 50 : Selective

Top 50 : Independent

Per cent of pupils achieving Level 2 threshold including A* -C in both English and Maths GCSE

Top 200 Comprehensive/Modern Schools

All Selective Schools

All Comprehensive or Modern Schools that achieved less than 30 per cent

Per cent of pupils persistently absent

Worst Comprehensive or Modern or Selective schools

Per cent of pupils achieving A* - C in one full MFL GCSE or equivalent

All Comprehensive or Modern or Selective schools that scored less than 10 per cent

Key to all tables

= - Feeds school for sixth-form centres/consortia

! - New institution. Results will be published as N/A (not applicable)

< - Statistics based on 10 of fewer candidates are suppressed

AC - Academy

CTC - City Technology College

CY - Community school

CYS - Community school with special provision for children with special educational needs

FD - Foundation school

FDS - Foundation special school

IND - Independent school

INDSS - Independent special school

MODFC - College funded by the Ministry of defence

VA - Voluntary aided school (usually faith schools which control their own admissions)

VC - Voluntary controlled (faith school with admissions controlled by local authority)

Admissions policies

COMP - Admits all students

MOD - Secondary modern. Admits all students not selected by grammar schools.

SEL - State-financed grammar school

NON SEL - Independent school