Findlay fined pounds 3,500 for sectarian songs

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SCOTTISH LAWYER Donald Findlay QC was fined pounds 3,500 yesterday for singing sectarian songs at a Rangers Football Club function in Glasgow.

The fine - an amount Mr Findlay can earn for a day's work - was handed out following a complaint of professional misconduct to the Faculty of Advocates. The inquiry into Mr Findlay's conduct followed a Rangers function after the team's victory over Celtic in the Tennant's Scottish Cup final on 29 May this year.

During the evening Mr Findlay led the singing of sectarian songs, which the faculty described as "of a nature offensive to the Roman Catholic Church and community in Scotland".

As well as fining Mr Findlay, the Dean of Faculty of Advocates, Nigel Emslie QC, said he was also "formally censured". Mr Emslie said: "He has let many people down, including himself, and the effect on his personal and professional life has been profound."

Following the judgement, Mr Findlay said: "I again wish to tender an unreserved apology to anyone who was offended by my conduct on that occasion. I can only reaffirm that it was not my intention to offend anyone."