Ingham to teach `spin doctoring' course at univer

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A "SPIN DOCTORATE" into the dark arts of the political media manipulator has been launched by academics.

Sir Bernard Ingham, the former press secretary to Baroness Thatcher, will give insights into his now legendary techniques during the postgraduate course in political marketing at Middlesex University. The course, which is being claimed as a British first, will offer a users' guide to the skills which have propelled Peter Mandleson and Alistair Campbell to the heart of politics.

It will include sessions on analysing voting records, fund-raising and lobbying.

Sir Bernard, credited with introducing the phrase "bunkum and balderdash" into political discourse, will give lectures and seminars on his work in Number 10. "We are aiming to equip students with a comprehensive knowledge of how the political circus operates so they develop a full knowledge of marketing devices and how to take advantage of the media to effect opinion," he said.

There is also a practical spin - including training from television professionals in how to handle journalists.