Johnny Morris cut family from will

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THE TELEVISION presenter Johnny Morris bequeathed his house to his co-host on Animal Magic ,Terry Nutkins, and cut his family out of the pounds 650,000 will.

His stepsons, Stuart and Nick Monro, plan to contest the will, claiming that Mr Morris was not in his right mind when he changed it. Mr Nutkins said last night he would fight the Monros' claim.

Mr Morris, who died in May aged 82, left a large sum of cash to his long-term housekeeper, Rita Offer, and smaller sums to his gardener and his builder.

He left nothing to his stepsons, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It is believed he was angry over a failed business partnership with a step-grandson, in which he lost pounds 500,000.

Mr Nutkins said Mr Morris had made quite clear in a statement to the solicitors executing his will he did not want to leave the Monros a penny. He said: "Johnny was a very close friend for 26 years and what they are saying about him is totally untrue. They are accusing him of being a drunkard and not in command of his mental faculties and they have accused me of being a gold digger."

Angela Morris, a friend of Mr Morris but not a relation, said: "His wife's family is seeking medical records proving Johnny wasn't in his right mind when he made the will."