Let's hear it one more time for Biancaaaaah and Rickaaaay

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It is the most eagerly awaited reunion since Pink Floyd took to the stage at Live8: Ricky and Bianca are coming back to Albert Square. But the EastEnders couple, played by Sid Owen and Patsy Palmer, say the decision to return to our screens was not easy. Some aspects of soap stardom can prove a lasting headache. "For me, it's like a swear word, the shouting of 'Rickaaaay!'," said Palmer last week. "Not a day has gone by in nine years when someone hasn't shouted that from cars and even up at my bedroom window at night. Even my daughter said it... making fun of me." According to Palmer, the scriptwriters haven't been kind, so when the pair appear again, cover your ears. "Biancaaaaah!"

* Around 22 million people watched 'EastEnders' when Bianca and Ricky got married. Most have approached Patsy Palmer to yell "Biancaaaaah!" at her since then

* Leslie Crowther hosted 'The Price Is Right' from 1984 to 1988, when he had "Come on down!" shouted at him daily. Well, it made a change from "Crackerjack!"

* Victor Meldrew's "I don't believe it!" also popped up in 'Father Ted'. Richard Wilson is said to loathe being asked to say it and will only do so for charity events

* 'Extras' had Ricky Gervais as a catchphrase-heavy comic actor, whose audience were decked out in T-shirts saying "I'm a laydee". What could it mean?