My Mentor: Tasmin Lucia Khan on Kevin Bakhurst

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I was freelancing when I met Kevin Bakhurst in September last year. I was working as a sports presenter on Five and as a correspondent for PTV, an Asian channel, as well as running a production company when we met at a networking event for aspiring journalists called Move On Up In News, which is organised through the Audio Visual Entrepreneurship Development Partnership.

I knew that when Kevin had been editor of the Ten O'Clock News, the programme received a BAFTA for its coverage of the Madrid bombings, a second BAFTA for the 7/7 bombings and the Royal Television Society's News Programme of the Year award. I immediately liked his manner and thought, this is someone I really respect.

Later on I found out that he thought I had a lot of potential and a personality that could translate really well on TV. He passed my showreel on to others in the BBC, saying he thought they could do something with me, and I was lucky that the opportunity to be one of the faces of BBC3 news came up. We talk on a regular basis and he's really looked after my progress and gives me feedback. There have been times I haven't been sure how I am coming across, and when you watch yourself you don't always know. I really value his judgement and I feel well looked after. He is very friendly and always knows what he's talking about you can't do a job like that with so many members of staff and not have authority. Before meeting Kevin, I had interviews with two American networks. They wanted to hire me immediately because I was "exotic and very English". But I wondered if I would actually learn anything, and if I would be able to develop. I really love the BBC and have been able to develop a lot. Working in its newsroom is a completely unique experience, especially when breaking news happens.

Tasmin Lucia Khan is the presenter of BBC3's 60seconds news bulletin. Kevin Bakhurst is the controller of BBC News.