Trending: The world bids farewell to Mr Trololo, star vocaliser and viral video virtuoso


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Sad news for time-wasters everywhere, after Eduard Khil, aka Mr Trololo, and the star of one of the internet's most enduring viral videos, died aged 77.

Khil, a Russian singer, achieved a second wave of fame in 2009, after a 1976 television recording of him "vocalising" to a track re-emerged online (

The lyrics to the original song, "I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home", were supposedly rejected by the Soviet Union because their cowboy theme was too American. The singer then had to perform the tune replacing the lyrics with nonsensical noises. The video racked up views of more than 12 million after its reappearance online, with the artist making videos for his new fans, who will ensure his unorthodox singing lives on.