Celebrities hunger for Rankin glossy

Photographer's new magazine to hit news-stands
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Actor Rhys Ifans and singer Sky Ferreira, the "edgier side" of actress Olivia Williams, and models Erin O'Connor and Heidi Klum are all captured in a new series of portraits by the celebrity photographer Rankin.

Reproduced exclusively here, the pictures will hit news-stands next month in the photographer's new, biannual magazine, The Hunger, which launches 20 years after he first produced Dazed & Confused magazine.

He told The Independent on Sunday: "It is Dazed's 20th anniversary, and I just realised I missed doing it. It felt wrong to go back into Dazed and be too heavily involved as I'd almost be getting in the way."

John Rankin Waddell, now 45, still owns the Dazed group, which he describes as being like "first love – it never goes away", with Jefferson Hack. The Hunger is his first launch since AnOther Man in 2005, which was preceded by AnOther Magazine in 2001.

He believes an economic downturn can prove the best time to launch a new title. "When Jefferson and I originally started Dazed & Confused, we needed a vehicle to get our work out there, and there just wasn't any way," he said. "So we made our own. In times of economic instability, it's often the case that creativity thrives."