For the record 10/11/2008

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"As Obama gets huge election, the earth moves" – The Sun’s tasteful splash headline welcomes a new era

Pearly king of Illinois

The award for the most gratuitous PR attempt to cash in on America’s moment of history goes to Lucy Willis at Selfridges for the claim, issued at 10.14am on the morning after the election, that “Selfridges is already seeing the ‘Obama effect’ with Britain’s men keen to make the right impression at work, buying into his signature style simplicity”. Evidence for this is apparently a rise in sales of single- breasted suits and white shirts. The press release suggests the “3 Key Items for the Obama look” include a £60 item called a ‘Peckham Rye tie’. Presumably it would go nicely with an Obama titfer.

Life begins at 60

There will be birthday celebrations on Friday for two giant figures of the British media who were born on the same day in 1948. Paul Dacre, the editor of the ‘Daily Mail’, and Prince Charles, , heir to the throne and television critic (“I can’t bear that [Nicholas Witchell]. I mean, he’s so awful.”)

Brum rap

The internet sensation that is Adam Smith (aka Steve Zacharanda), who spectacularly resigned in a drunken stupor from the Birmingham Mail (type ‘birmingham mail, afterparty Obama’ into YouTube) while on a working holiday hanging out with Obama campaigners in Miami must now return to meet his bosses this week. “Obviously he will be seen by his management,” says a Trinity Mirror spokesman sternly. But word at the ‘Birmingham Post & Mail’ is that the Birmingham Post, is considering moving exclusively online (though TM denies knowledge of this). If this were to happen, the ‘Post’ would be looking for distinctive Brummie commentators. Perhaps Smith/Zacharanda, who had already accepted a redundancy package, can negotiate a new deal?

Bald truth

A spunky Clare Balding hosted last week’s ‘Press Gazette Magazine’ Design and Journalism awards at the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square, London, telling the audience that no, she had not slept with either Gary Lineker or Desmond Lynam. Pause. “Or Sue Barker”.