For the record: 12/04/2010

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News led a merry jig

The BBC's flagship bulletin, The Ten O'Clock News, is to share a studio with Strictly Come Dancing. No, really.

Bulletin editor Craig Oliver wants Huw Edwards and the team to move into Strictly's TC1 studio in the first week of May. The one-off re-location is part of BBC plans to unify election coverage, with TC1 also to be used by David Dimbleby, Emily Maitlis, Jeremy Paxman, & Co on election night. BBC1's Breakfast will be presented from there the next morning. "We want that set to be used by The Ten O'Clock News during the final week to make sure that people feel that it's an election hub," says Oliver. BBC's election coverage is being badged with the coloured pins logo designed by the BBC graphics whizz Julie Tritton. Oliver says the multicoloured "nodes" on the logo represent the BBC's recognition of "the many different parties taking part".

Peer pressure

The New Scientist reports that the editor of Medical Hypotheses, a journal that publishes controversial medical ideas, is to be fired unless he agrees to have the publication peer-reviewed. "They are going to sack me on 11 May unless I unconditionally accept the changes to the journal," says editor Bruce Charlton of his publishers Elsevier. He claims the title is the last non-peer reviewed journal in mainstream scientific literature and exists to challenge dogma. The flip side is that last year the journal had to withdraw a flawed article about Aids in South Africa.

Justin's no joke

An amusing spat between The Guardian's Marina Hyde and New York website Gawker, which accuses her of ripping off its jokes about teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. Gawker's piece "The Justin Bieber Guide for Old People" appeared nine days before Hyde's Guardian blog "Justin Bieber: An Old Person's Guide", which contains three of the same gags, including one about Susan Boyle only being a YouTube sensation in the eyes of other oldies. "Hey Look, A Guardian columnist stole our Justin Bieber jokes", runs an angry post from Gawker. Hyde responds with a long and indignant email. "I can see why you think there was a similarity," she says. "Though I am afraid it is genuinely a coincidence."