The Feral Beast: McElvoy is moving on...and on

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She broadcasts on Radio 3, writes for several newspapers, and is a tireless networker at all the smartest parties. But Anne McElvoy is giving up her weekly column for the Evening Standard in favour of other projects.

On Friday her column revealed that Ed Miliband is looking for a media adviser. "Mili-Labour needs its conduits to social and cultural London, and the channels feel a bit closed right now." Some unkind souls saw this as a job application, but not a bit of it. Among Anne's new platforms is a public-policy berth at The Economist.

Duncan's revenge...dateline Kabul

As defence editor of The Sun, Duncan Larcombe should know better than to make enemies in Afghanistan. So why hasn't he paid his bill at the hacks' hang-out, the Gandamack Lodge Hotel? Anyone checking in is greeted by a framed list naming and shaming non-payers, which includes Larcombe. But all is not as it seems. "Duncan is furious because he got back from a job to find they'd given his room away," whispers my man in the saloon bar. "He was suddenly homeless in Kabul. So he's withholding payment to punish them." Couldn't he just, like, expense it?

Bells and curtains at 'The Lady'?

Calls to sack Rachel Johnson as editor of The Lady by its owner Julia Budworth were blocked by the mag's publisher, her son, Ben. The 45-year-old bachelor – and Rachel's No 1 fan – admitted he was searching for a wife when he interviewed 30 female candidates for the job. But now, I can reveal, he has found love elsewhere. (Johnson is, in any case, already married). So, it's good news for Ben, but could it spell trouble for Rachel?

'Tatler' clasps Katie to its bosom

She was once barred from the Cartier polo, but Katie Price was warmly welcomed at the Tatler Little Black Book party, re-defining what they must mean by young, posh and single. Now there's talk the pneumatic 32-year-old formerly known as Jordan might become a Tatler regular. She is an active horsewoman and model, after all. A flick through back issues reveals she has appeared in Tatler once or twice before, but never under its current editor, Catherine Ostler. So, can we expect her on the cover? "I'm afraid we can't possibly give away our plans. They are top secret," says Ostler. So that's a yes, then.

Huth in a huff about modern life

Novelist Angela Huth – friend to the late Princess Margaret – is so exercised about the ghastly modern world that she dashed off a rant for the Daily Mail, headlined: "Sorry, but everything I love is old-fashioned." She sighs: "I can't imagine what it must be like to be spurred by a desire for so-called fashionable things. It must be exhausting to be compelled to keep up with trends." Odd then that editors decided to accompany her piece with one on the latest trend: "Forget the Slanket – the £20 blanket with sleeves that saw us through last year's big chill. This year it's all about the OnePiece...."