The Sun's Page 3: Daily Star responds with glee to tabloid's removal of topless women images

The Daily Star has said that it is 'proud' to continue its page 3, which it said 'brightens the day' for readers

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The Daily Star clearly doesn't share the same qualms as The Sun, as it continues to publish images of topless women in its newspaper.

Today's front page appears to take a swipe at its redtop rival following reports that it had stopped publishing pictures of bare-breasted women by promoting its own Page 3, and giving its readers a free poster featuring former famous Page 3 girls from The Sun.


Included are archive images of Sam Fox, Jo Guest and Melinda Messenger, the latter of whom recently told the BBC that she felt it was a "good decision to end Page 3".

"It’s had a long life, but we all have to change for the better – that is what society is all about," she said.

Meanwhile, campaigners and supporters of No More Page 3 are celebrating The Sun's reported decision to stop publishing photographs of topless women.

"It's a historic moment, but the devil will be in the detail, and there’s still a lot to be done," No More Page Three campaigner Angela Towers told The Independent.

The Guardian reported today that The Sun’s Page 3 website has enjoyed a surge in traffic since the newspaper stopped publishing its daily images of topless women.

Although there are no statistics available for the surge of interest in The Sun’s Page 3 site, a source told The Guardian that Tuesday’s total was "considerably greater than the previous 24 hours2. The website is currently free to access, whereas before it has appeared behind a paywall.

The Daily Star has said that it is "proud" to continue its page 3, which it said "brightens the day" for readers.

A spokesman for the tabloid said: “We will continue to listen to what our readers want and put a smile on their faces with our lovely, bright, talented and independent young ladies.

"Page 3 is as British as roast beef and Yorkshire pud, fish and chips and seaside postcards."