The tabloid stories of the year

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In November The Sun pictured video stills of 'X Factor' finalist Emily Nakanda "happy slapping" a teenage girl. The 15-year-old was forced to quit after TV bosses branded her behaviour "unacceptable".

Celebrity Big Brother couple Chantelle and Preston announced their marriage was over on 27 June, in a statement featured in all the Red Tops. A reconciliation followed but it didn't last, though by this time no one seemed to care.

Paris Hilton was comforted by her chihuahua Tinkerbell as a Los Angeles judge sentenced her to 45 days in prison. Her release after 23 days made only the front page of the 'Daily Mirror', sidelined by the resignation as Prime Minister of Tony Blair.

A tearful Heather Mills attacked the press in a breakfast TV interview on 31 October. The following day's headline in 'The Sun' read: "Mucca on the edge after rants".

Princes Harry and William were tabloid favourites this year as on-off relationships with Chelsy Davy and Kate Middleton kept the paparazzi busy.