Why Jordan wedding was 'OK!' in sales battle

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It was the most kitsch wedding of last year. The bride wore a Barbie doll-inspired candyfloss pink dress encrusted with crystals and arrived in a pumpkin-shaped coach, while the groom wore a matching crystal waistcoat and stingray skin shoes.

But behind the garish spectacle was a cool economic calculation.

Official magazine circulation figures published this week are expected to show that the wedding of the glamour model Jordan, real name Katie Price, to the former pop star Peter André, helped Richard Desmond's OK! magazine to emerge as the victor in the competitive celebrity weekly market.

According to unofficial estimates, OK!'s overall circulation will leap by about 80,000 copies to 610,000 when the Audit Bureau of Circulations publishes its biannual figures on Thursday. In contrast, the circulation of the leader for the past three years, Now, will dip by about 15,000 copies to 575,000, even though it is half the price.

OK! usually sells about 450,000 copies a week, but the Jordan wedding issue shifted a massive 1.5 million copies, recouping the rumoured £1.75m that the magazine forked out for the September 2005 wedding.