New Year Honours List

New Year Honours New Year Honours
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The Prime Minister's List


Bagri, Raj Kumar, CBE, chm, London Metal Exchange and chm, MetDist Ltd.

Emerton, Dame Audrey Caroline, DBE, DL, ch offr, Care in the Commty and co-chm, med bd, St John Ambulance; chm, Brighton Health Care NHS Trust.

Lloyd Webber, Sir Andrew, composer. PRIVY COUNCILLORS: Davis, David Michael, MP for Boothferry and Minr of State, FCO.

Forth, Eric, MP for Mid Worcs and Minr of State, Dept for Educ and Employment.

Jack, John Michael, MP for Fylde and Financial Sec to Her Majesty's Treas.

Ogilvy, The Hon Sir Angus James Bruce, KCVO, trustee of The Princes' Trust and chm of The Princes' Youth Business Trust Advisory Ccl.

Widdecombe, Ann Noreen, MP for Maidstone and Minr of State, Home Off. COMPANION OF HONOUR: Rowse, Alfred Leslie, For serv History and Literature. KNIGHTS BACHELOR: Ayckbourn, Alan, CBE, playwright, serv the theatre.

Baer, Jack Mervyn Frank, serv the art trade.

Baker, Nicholas Brian, MP for Dorset North, for polit serv.

Bedser, Alec Victor, CBE, serv cricket.

Blundell, Thomas Leon, FRS, serv the Biotechnol and Biological Sciences Research Ccl and to scient res.

Budd, Alan Peter, Chief Economic Adviser to Her Majesty's Treas and hd, Govt Econ Serv.

Davis, Peter John, chm, National Advisory Ccl for Educ and Training Targets, serv training and to ind.

Day, Simon James, for polit and publ serv.

Dear Geoffrey James, QPM, DL, Her Majesty's Insp of Constabulary, serv the pol.

Eyre, Richard Charles Hastings, CBE, artistic dir, R National Theatre, serv drama.

Harrison, David, CBE, Master, Selwyn College, Univ of Camb, serv educ and to nuclear safety.

Harvie, John Smith, CBE, for polit and publ serv.

Horton, Robert Baynes, chm, Railtrack plc, serv the rly ind.

Hourston, Gordon Minto, chm, Armed Forces Pay Review Body, serv the armed forces and to ind.

Jenkins, Michael Nicholas Howard, OBE, chm, Futures and Options Association and The London Clearing House, serv the finance ind.

Laing, John Martin Kirby, CBE, DL, chm, John Laing plc, serv the construction ind.

McCartney, James Paul, MBE, musician, serv music.

Meadow, Prof Samuel Roy, serv paediatrics and to the R College of Paediatrics and child hlth.

Odgers, Graeme David William, chm, Monopolies and Mergers Commn, serv ind.

Ouseley, Herman George, chm, Commn for Racial Equality, serv commty rels and loc govt.

Pickard, John Michael, chm, London Docklands Development Corporation, serv urban regeneration.

Richards, Brian Mansel, CBE, exec chm, Peptide Therapeutics Ltd, serv the biotechnol ind.

Rowland, John David, chm, Lloyd's of London, serv the ins ind.

Townsend, Cyril David, MP for Bexleyheath, for polit serv.

Treitel, Prof Guenter Heinz, QC, former Vinerian Prof of English Law, Univ of Oxf, serv law.

Walker, The Hon Miles Rawstron, CBE, ltly chief minister, Isle of Man Govt, serv the Govt of the Isle of Man.

Watson, Ronald Matthew, CBE, ldr, C group, Assoc of Metropolitan Authorities, serv loc govt.

Wells, William Henry Weston, reg chm, South Thames NHS exec, serv hlth care.

Whitney, Raymond William, OBE, MP for Wycombe, for polit serv.

Zochonis, John Basil, DL, for polit and publ serv.


Knight Grand Cross (GCB)

Battishill, Sir Anthony Michael William, KCB, chm, Bd of In Rev.

Knight Commander (KCB)

Wilson, Richard Thomas James, CB, Permanent under sec, Home Off.

Companion (CB)

Chant, Elizabeth Ann, Ch exec, Child Support Agency, DSS. Devereau, George Michael, former Ch exec, CO Information. Essery, David James, head of Group 1, Home Dept, Scott Off. Gibson, David, for publ serv. Hawtin, Brian Richard, former asst under sec (Home and Overseas), MOD. Hogg, David Alan, Dep Treas Solicitor, Treas Solicitors Dept. Janvrin, Robin Berry, CVO, dep private sec to the Queen. McQuaid, James, ch scientist, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env. Pryor, Arthur John, former head, Competition Policy Division, Dept of Trade and Indust. Robson, Stephen Arthur, dir, Finance Regulation and ind dirate, Her Majesty's Treas. Rochester, Terence Anthony, ch highway engr, the Highways Agency, Dept of Transport. Smee, Prof Clive Harrod, ch econ advr and dir of operational res, Dept of Health. Wilcock, Christopher Camplin, former head, Nuclear Power Privatisation Team, Dept of Trade and Indust. Wood, Philip, OBE, dir, Roads and Local Transport, Dept of Transport. Woolman, Joseph Roger, legal advr and solr, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food.

Commander (CMG)

Bowers, Roger George, OBE, asst dir gen, the British Council.



Knight Grand Cross (GBE)

Keith Of Kinkel, Henry Shanks, The Right Hon Baron, former Lord of Appeal in Ordinary.

Knight Commander (KBE)

Hesketh, Thomas Alexander Fermor, The Right Hon Baron, for polit serv.

Dame Commander (DBE)

Dyche, Rachael Mary, CBE, for polit serv.

Hine, Deirdre Joan, Chief Medical Offr, Welsh Office, serv med.

Mills, Barbara Jean Lyon, QC, Dir of Public Prosecutions.

Ogilvie, Bridget Margaret, dir, Wellcome Trust, serv science.

Wong, The Honourable Rosanna, Yick-ming JP, for publ and commty serv, Hong Kong.

Commander (CBE)

Adshead, John Edwin, serv the National Training Awards and to vocational trg. Alston, Nicholas Kenneth, asst sec, MoD. Au-Yeung, Anthony, Fu OBE JP Commr of Inland Revenue, Hong Kong.

Barma, Haider Hatim Tyebjee, ISO, JP, Sec for Transport, Hong Kong. Beaumont, Michael Day, OBE, for polit and publ serv. Bell, Arthur John Armstrong, for polit and publ serv. Bellingham, Alastair John, Prof of Haematology, King's College Hospital School of Medicine and Dentistry, serv med and to the R College of Pathologists. Bhattacharya, Prof Sushantha Kumar, Prof of Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Univ of Warwick, serv ind and to technol. Brown, Donald Leslie, Counsellor (Management), New York. Brown, John David Stuart, MBE, for polit and publ serv. Burd, Christopher John Skidmore, serv forestry ind. Burke, David Thomas, expert spec advr on environment, Dept of Env.

Cairns, David Adam, music critic, the Sunday Times, serv music. Cawthra, David Wilkinson, former dir, infrastructure serv privatisation, BR Board, serv the rly ind. Chapman, Honor Mary Ruth, ptnr, Jones Lang Wootton, serv the property ind. Clark, William Herman MacKillop, former hd, operational re-organisation div, Crown Prosecution Service. Clarke, Stella Rosemary, DL, serv the commty in Bristol. Clarke, Owen JD, Controller, Scotland, Bd of In Rev. Clay, The Hon Betty St Clair, serv Guiding. Clayton, John Brian, chm, Bridon plc, serv ind and to expt. Curry, Donald Thomas Younger, chm, Meat and Livestock Commn, serv agric.

Daniel, William Wentworth, for serv for industrial rels. Dart, Edward Charles, res and devel dir, Zeneca Seeds, serv ind and to science. Deakin, Nicholas Dampier, serv the Commn on the Future of the Voluntary Sector. Denton, Anthony Albert, chm, Noble Denton Internat Ltd, serv engring. Dickens, Roger Joseph, DL, dep UK sen ptnr, KPMG, serv ind in the West Midlands. Donovan, Judith, chair, Bradford and Dist Training and Enterprise Ccl, serv trg. Driver, Olga Lindholm, sen ptnr, Aiking Driver Partnership, serv Acas and to industrial rels. Duffy, Francis Cuthbert, serv archture.

Enderby, Prof John Edwin, FRS, former HO Wills Prof of Physics, Univ of Bristol, serv physics. Evans, Prof Henry John, serv med res. Fair, James Stuart, chm, Dundee Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, serv hlth care. Fang, Kenneth, Hung OBE JP, serv ind in Hong Kong. Farquharson, Jonathan, former legal commr, Charity Commn. Farrell, Thomas Hugh Francis, TD, DL, pro-chancellor and chm of ccl, Univ of Hull, serv higher educ. Filkin, David Geoffrey Nigel, sec, Assoc of District Ccls, serv loc govt. Fishman, Stanley, pres, Cinema Exhibitors Assoc, serv the film ind. Forsyth, Frederick, writer, serv literature. Frye, Michael John Ernest, Ch exec, B Elliott plc, serv busnss.

Goodhart Prof Charles Albert Eric, Prof of Banking and Finance, LSE, serv monetary econs. Grant, Peter James, chm, Highlands and Islands Airport Ltd, serv ind. Gribble, Paul Frederick, for polit serv.

Harper, Ewan William, serv the Church of Eng. Harrington, Derek James, dep chm and Ch exec, Port of Felixstowe Ltd, and dir, Hutchinson Internat Port Holdings, serv the ports ind. Hartington, Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish Marquess of, former sen steward of the Jockey Club and chm, Brit Horse Racing Board, serv horse racing. Hewitt, David, serv the commty. Hibbs, Pamela Jean, OBE, ch nurse and dir of quality assurance, R Hospitals NHS Trust, London, serv hlth care. Hill, Arthur Derek, serv art. Hughes, Jenny, OBE, chm, Riverside Mental Health NHS Trust, serv hlth.

Ingham, Michael Peter Frank, OBE, For serv Brit expts to Europe.

Jarrold, Kenneth Wesley, dir of human and corporate resources, NHS exec, Dept of Health. Jones, Clive Lawson, ltly sec-Gen, European Energy Conferences.

Kennedy, George MacDonald, chm, Smiths Industries Medical Systems, serv the hlth care ind and to expt. Knight, Cecil Gordon, OBE, hdteach, Small Heath School, Birmingham, serv educ.

Landerer, John, AM, For serv legal educ and UK Aust rels. Laslett, Thomas Peter Ruffell, serv the Camb Group for the History of Population and Social Structure. Lawton, Robert Noyes, serv agric in Wessex. Lee, Simon Timothy, for polit serv. Lewis, Martyn John Dudley, chair, Drive for Youth and Youthnet UK, serv young people and to the hospice movement. Loy, Francis David Lindley, former chm, Provincial Stipendiary Magistrates Association. Lumsden, John, Ch exec, Motherwell Bridge Group, serv engring ind.

Mackey, Thomas George, serv urban regeneration. Manchip, Colin Barry, former dir, Immigration Service (Enforcement), Home Off. McLaughlin, Brenda Mary, serv commty and to hlth care. McLoughlin, Elizabeth Mary, hd of civilian mgemt (policy), MoD. Miller, James David Frederick, chm, Scottish Qualification Authority, serv educ. Morris, Dominic Charles Bernard, former dep hd, Policy Unit. Mouatt, Richard Brian, former Ch Dental Offr, DoH. Murray, Prof John Joseph, Prof of Child Dental Hlth, Univ of Newcastle, serv dental hlth.

O'Neal, Joseph Reynold, OBE, for publ and commty serv in Brit Virgin Islands. Owen, Raymond Godfrey, OBE, for publ serv in Wales, especly to pol. Oxfuird, George Hubbard Makgill the Viscount of, Bt, for polit serv.

Parker, David John, consult cardiac surg, St George's Hospital, London, serv med. Paul, Roderick Sayers, former chm, Brit Water, serv the water ind and to expt. Percy, Prof John Pitkeathly Ian, chm, Accounts Commn for Scotland, serv accounting and to loc authorities. Perry, Rupert, pres and Ch exec offr, EMI Europe, serv the recording ind. Plowden, Anna Bridget, for conservation serv muss. Poole, Christopher Bernard, for polit serv. Popat, Andrew, for polit serv. Potter, David Edwin, chm and Ch exec, Psion plc, serv the mfg ind. Price, Bernard Albert, cnty clrk and Ch exec, Staffs Cnty Ccl, serv loc govt. Putnam, Col John Richard George, TD, serv the Territorial Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association in South East Eng.

Ransford, John Anthony, former hon sec, Assocn of Dirs of Social Services, serv social work. Redgrave, Steven Geoffrey, MBE, serv rowing. Rix, Timothy John, serv publishing. Roaf, Dermot James, for polit and publ serv. Robson, James Donald, DL, ldr, Durham Cnty Ccl, serv loc government. Rose, Kenneth Vivian, serv jrnism and to literature. Rothschild, Edmund Leopold de, TD, for charitable serv. Rush, Francis Arthur David, hd of devel and staffing, Customs and Excise.

Seaton, Prof Anthony, Prof of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Univ of Aberdeen, Lothian and Grampian Hlth Boards, serv med. Shanks, Prof Robert Gray Robin, serv med. Sheldon, Mark Hebberton, serv the legal profession. Sherrin, Edward George, producer and dir, serv drama and to broadcasting. Shillington, Colin John Graham, MBE, DL, serv the dairy ind and for publ serv. Shore, Sydney Frederick, chm of trustees, Independent Living Funds, serv disabled. Sinclair, James William, Scott Off. Singleton, Roger, Barnardos, serv young people. Skitt, Baden Henry, BEM, QPM, Assistant Commr, Met Pol, serv the pol. Smith, Kevin, mgg dir, busnss operations, Brit Aerospace plc, serv the defence ind. Stringer, Vera, for polit serv.

Taylor, Harry, mbr, Board of Banking Supervision, serv banking. Thomas, Brian Keith, chm, Cardiff Business Club and Mount Stuart Group, serv busnss and to commty in Wales. Thompson, David Robin Bibby, TD, former dep chm, Board of the Dev Commn, serv busnss in rural areas. Thomson, Rosemary Edith Robertson, OBE, former chm, Magistrates' Association, serv the magistracy. Tomlinson, John, opera singer, serv music. Try, Hugh William, chm, Constn ind Training Board, serv the constn ind. Tullett, Derek, pres, Tullett and Tokyo Forex Internat Ltd, serv the finance ind.

Vaughan, Frank, OBE, DL, serv the NABC-Clubs for Young People.

Weatherhead, The Very Rev James Leslie, former prin clrk, Gen Assembly of the Church of Scotland and chm, Church Leaders Forum, serv ecumenical rels and for publ serv. Wheatley, Oswald Stephen, chm, the Sports Ccl for Wales, serv sport. Williams, Prof John Gwynn, serv the Natl Library of Wales. Winter, Gregory Paul, serv science. Wood, Andrew, for publ serv. Wood, David Alan, former hd of info technol and project mgr, Lab mkt system project, DfEE. Wright, Anne, vice-Chancellor and Ch exec, Univ of Sunderland, serv higher educ.

Officer (OBE)

Ainsworth, Mavis, former dir, School of Cultural Studies, Sheffield Hallam Univ, serv educ. Aldridge, Edward, DL, mbr, Moray Ccl, serv loc govt. Alexander, Graeme Yorkston, Ch exec offr, Devro Internat plc, serv the food ind. Allen, Anthony Paul, cnty trading standards offr, East Sussex Cnty Ccl, serv trading standards and to consumer protection. Allen, Ian George, Valuation Principal, Bd of In Rev. Allen, Elizabeth Anne, former dir of nursing, North West Anglia Healthcare Trust, serv hlth care. Allington, William Claude, for polit and publ serv. Allsop, Prof Richard Edward, Prof of Transport Studies, Univ College London, serv traffic mgemt and road safety. Anderson, John Victor Ronald, for polit serv. Archer, D Michael, serv the Advisory Board for Redundant Churches. Astwood, Norma Alice Cox, Vice-Presdt, The Senate, Bermuda. Ault, John D, chair, Corporation of Yeovil College, serv educ.

Bailey, David, dir of devel, London Underground Ltd, serv publ transport in London. Bain, Prof Andrew David, bd mbr, Scottish Enterprise, serv the Scottish economy. Ball, Edward John Meldrum, former dir, Oil Companies Internat Marine Forum, serv maritime safety to the environment. Bamber, Helen Rae, serv the care of the victims of torture. Barnes, Prof Howard Anthony, sen scientist, Unilever Research, serv science and technol. Bastard, Alison Mary Hore, serv the magistracy in South Devon. Bavidge, Elizabeth Mary, co-chair, Women's National Commn, serv women's issues. Beeson, The Very Rev Trevor Randall, serv the Church of Eng partic as Dean of Winchester Cathedral. Belshaw, Hugh Richard, former finance dir, OXFAM, for charitable serv. Biddle Prof Martin, serv the R Commn on the Historical Monuments of Eng. Birley Robin Edgar, DL, dir, Vindolanda Trust, serv conservation. Black Miss Cilla, serv entertainment. Blackburn David, Sen Management Pay Band 2, the Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Blair Peter Kenneth, mgg dir, Racal Research Ltd, serv the radar ind. Blake Victor Harold, founder chm, the London underwriting Centre (LUC), serv the ins ind. Blakey Charles Conrad, RD, chm, Kent Probation Committee, serv the rehab of offenders. Blakey Ian James, dir gen, Brit Iron and Steel Producers Association, serv ind. Blunt Mrs Jennifer, serv med res ethics. Booy Christopher Arthur, Ch exec, Symonds Group Ltd, serv the MOD. Bray Geoffrey Malcolm, chm, Kazakh and Uzbek Brit Trade and ind Ccls, serv expt. Brenan Patrick, finance dir, Minories Finance Ltd, serv banking. Broadhd Mrs Linda, Sen Management Pay Band 2, the Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Brown Mrs Rosemary Anne, Member, Occupational Pensions Board, serv pensions legislation. Brunsdon-Lenaerts Mrs Gilberte- Marie, serv Anglo-Belgian rels. Bryant Mrs Barbara Kathleen, Grade 7, DSS. Burke Keith Patrick, mgg dir, Dana Spicer Europe Ltd, Dana Corporation, serv ind and to the environment. Burnett David, serv the devel and application of biochemistry to hlth care. Burnison, William John, for publ serv. Burton, David John Franklin, Dir, Br Ccl, Jordan. Bush, The Honourable William McKeeva, JP, Minr of commty Development, Sports, Women's and Youth Affairs and Culture, Cayman Islands.

Calam, Derek Harold, mbr and vice chm, Brit Pharmacopoeia Commn, serv the contr of meds. Campbell, Libby, exec dir, nursing and quality, West Lothian NHS Trust, serv hlth care. Carmichael, Dennis Duncan, hon treas, Lawn Tennis Association, serv lawn tennis. Castle, Enid, former prin, Cheltenham Ladies College, serv educ. Chadwick, Jonathan Joseph, sec to the Imperial War Museum. Chappory, Alfred, BEM, For serv sport in Gibraltar. Charlton, Christopher, dir, Cromford Mill Project, Derbyshire, serv conservation. Chen, Din-hwa, for charitable and commty serv in Hong Kong. Child, Prof Dennis, serv deaf people. Childs, Edward Samuel, exec producer, Carlton UK Television, serv tv Broadcasting. Clark, Brian James, prin specist insp, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env. Clarke, Harold, District Insp, Bd of In Rev. Clarkson Webb, Michael Robert, serv the commty in Surrey. Close, Seamus Anthony, for publ serv. Coates, Christine, dir, Coates Engineering (Internat Ltd), serv econ devel in North West Eng. Collins, Joan Henrietta, serv drama. Collins, Paulene Mary, serv legal educ. Cooper, Charles John, prin professional and technol offr, MoD. Cooper, Commodore George Richard, RD, ch of operations, R National Lifeboat Inst, serv the RNLI. Cooper, Derek MacDonald, serv radio broadcasting. Cooper, Michael John, Principal, Brit School in the Netherlands. Court, David Leonard, serv tourism in East Anglia. Courtauld, William Montgomerie, for serv Brit comml intrsts in Hong Kong. Coutanche, The Hon Jurat John Alexander Gore, former Jurat, R Court of Jersey, serv the commty. Cowin, Thomas Eddie, ltly dir, Br Ccl, Ghana. Craig, Sq Ldr Robert Frederick, RAF, (Retd), former Grade 7, MoD. Crombie, Anthony Campbell, Dep hd of Mission, Belgrade. Currie, Adrian Robert, QFSM, Chief Fire Offr, Devon Fire and Rescue Service, serv the fire serv.

Darby, Prof John, serv commty rels. Davies, William Roch, former dir, Welsh Centre for Internat Affairs, for humanitarian serv. Denley, Peter, serv the rehab of offenders. Dice, Brian Charles, serv Brit Waterways. Dick, James, dir of social work serv, the Highland Ccl, serv social work. Dodsworth, Elizabeth Ann, for polit serv. Duddy, Margaret, for polit and publ serv. Duff, Andrew Nicholas, for polit serv. Duggan, Sister Mary Vincent, serv educ. Dunsmore, Helen Simpson, serv higher educ. Durden- Smith, Neil, for charitable serv.

Edwards, Albert John, MBE, AFM, serv 31 Squadron R Air Force Association. Edwards, Henry Ashley, consult anaesthetist, Ysbyty Gwynedd, serv the Welsh Medical Committee. Eldrid, The Rev John Gisborne Charteris, serv the Samaritans. Elliott, Geoffrey Kenyon, serv forestry and to wood science. Elliott, Robert William, chair and dir, Wiltshire and Swindon Users Network and chair, the Jumbulance Group, serv disabled in Wiltshire. Ellis, David John, Grade 6, MoD. Erving, Andrew James, Grade 7, FCO. Etchells, George Stanley, mbr, Rotherham Metropolitan Ccl, serv loc govt. Eunson, Eric Magnus, former gen mgr, power system devel, National Grid Company plc, serv the electricity ind. Evans, David Roger, serv agric in Wales. Evans, David Roger, serv agric in Wales. Evans, Gwynne Howard Neill, former Grade 6, DfEE.

Farmer, John Ivan Ellis, hon show dir, All Eng Jumping Course, Hickstead, serv show jumping. Faulkner, William Harold, hdteach, Montrose Academy, serv educ. Fawcett, David Alan, for humanitarian serv in the Caribbean. Feeney, Ronald Paul, Governor 2, Her Majesty's Prison Stafford. Fell, Prof Christine Elizabeth, Prof of Early English Studies, Univ of Nottingham, serv Early English. Fenner, John Ronald, chm, Brit Urban Regeneration Assoc, serv urban regeneration. Ferguson, William James, DL, former vice chm, Scottish Agricultural College, serv agric and to educ. Fisher, Thelma, dir, National Family Mediation, serv the commty. Fleming David, serv muss. Fleming, Douglas Munro, GP, Birmingham, serv med. Fordy, George Malcolm, chm and Ch exec, FT Construction Group, serv the building ind. Foulds, Michael Hartley, mbr, Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, serv accountancy. Fo, Maj Roy Sutherland, serv the Soldiers Sailors and Airmens Families Association in Suffolk. Frankiss, Stephen Giles, Grade 6, Dept of Transport. Franklin, Christopher Tom, for serv Brit musical intrsts in France. Fuller, Jacqueline Dorothy, Offr in Charge, Bd of In Rev.

Gailey, Robert Alan, serv muss and galleries. Galston, William Alistair, former ch insp, Gaming Board of Great Britain. Gibson, John Frederick, sec scient, R Society of Chemistry, serv chemistry. Gillen, Thelma Joyce, Grade 7, MoD. Gladwell, Robert John, for serv Brit comml and aerospace intrsts in the US. Goodman, Michael John, sen group ldr, Pulse Power Research AWE Aldermaston, serv the defence ind. Graham, Gerard, serv the commty in Tyne and Wear. Grant, William, MBE, serv environmental protection and to the arts. Green, Frederick Howard, educ advr, National Association of Independent and non-Maintained Schools, serv spec needs educ. Greenhalgh, Colin Ayton, prin, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Camb, serv educ. Gregg, Ian, chm, River Tweed Commrs and Tweed Foundn, serv salmon and trout fishing. Grove, Vernon Charles, administrator, Wales and Chester, Lord Chancellors Dept. Gyngell, Rex Farrow, DL, for polit and publ serv.

Haines, Arthur Barry, chair, aerodynamics group, R Aeronautical Society, serv aerodynamics. Hanna, Eunice, for polit serv. Harbinson, Stuart Wreford, JP, Permanent Hong Kong Representative to the World Trade Organisation, Geneva. Hart, Lt Col Grattan Herbert, DL, serv the R Brit Legion in Sussex. Hasson, Robert James, Assistant Controller (Collection and Personnel), Bd of In Rev. Heath, Anthony Roger, serv the administration of Just. Hemingford, Jennifer Mary Toresen Lady, serv the commty in Hemingford Abbots, Cambs and to the Brit Red Cross Society. Henley, Desmond Charles, embalmer, for serv in the aftermath of disasters. Hill, Damon Graham, serv motor racing. Hoaen, John William, Grade 7, Dept of Trade and Indust. Hobrough, Margaret Edith, prin and Ch exec, Godalming Sixth Form College, Surrey, serv educ. Hodge, Brig David Hendry, DL, serv the Territorial Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Assoc in the North of Eng. Holloway, The Rev Roger Graham, serv expt. Hood, John, serv ind. Hopkins, John Trevor, hdmast, Bishop Stopford School, Kettering, Northamptonshire, serv educ. Hopkinson, David Christopher, former dir of hous, Great Grimsby Borough Ccl, serv hous and to loc government. Horrocks, Christiana Valerie, former Grade 7, Dept of Health. Howley, John Anthony, QPM, former dep asst commr, Met Pol, serv the pol. Hunt, Brian Joseph, Sen Professional and Technology Superintending Grade, MoD. Hunt, Frank George Henry, Grade 7, Dept of Trade and Indust. Hutchinson, Edward Graham, for charitable serv.

Isbister, Jane Iris, former chm, Forth Valley Health Board, serv hlth care.

Jack, Prof Kenneth Henderson, Emeritus Prof, Univ of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Hon Prof, Univ of Wales, Swansea, serv science. Jenkins, David Richard, finance dir, Sony Manufacturing Company (UK), serv ind in Wales. Jenner, Peter Anthony, ltly editor, Nato Review. Jennings, Frederick Albert, chm, Midlands Regional Fisheries Advisory Committee, serv fisheries policy. Jobling, Terence Maxfield, former veterinary offr, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Johnston, David Lawrence, dir gen, Natl Inspectn Ccl for Electrical Installation Contract, serv electrical safety. Jones, David Henry Marshall, former Grade 6, the Benefits Agency, DSS. Jones, Derek, former hd, libraries and art serv, Richmond upon Thames, serv librarianship. Jones, Linda Edwina, prin scient offr, the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, MoD.

Kapila, Leela, consult paediatric surg, Univ Hospital, Nottingham, serv med. Keane, Fergal Patrick, BBC foreign correspondent, serv tv jrnism. Kelly, John, serv agric and to banking. Khan, Masood Husain, for serv Brit Business in South-East Asia. King, John Charles, Ch exec, security facilities exec, Cabinet Office (Office of Public Service). Kirkham, John, former Grade 6, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Kirton, Glen, serv assn football partic Euro 96. Knagg, John Worsley, Dir, Br Ccl English Language Centre, Singapore.

Lam, Shiu-kum, for serv med in Hong Kong. Lamb, Alice Elizabeth Audrey, serv educ. Lambert, Penelope, serv the Board of Visitors, Her Majesty's Prison Whitemoor. Lau Lee, Shelly Lai-kuen, JP, Dir of Home Affairs, Hong Kong. Laving, Gerald John, for serv Brit busnss intrsts and to the commty, in Russia. Lee, Rance Pui-Leung, JP, for publ and commty serv in Hong Kong. Leech, Michael John, prin, Stevenson College, Edinburgh, serv educ. Leung, Edmund Kwong Ho, for serv engring in Hong Kong. Lewis, Kenneth, chm, Horizon NHS Trust, serv hlth care. Lewis, Ann Molyneux, former pres, R Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, serv the pharmacy profession. Lewis, Timothy, serv the pol. Linney, Ian Stanley Cash, serv the commty in Nottinghamshire. Logan, James, serv aviation.

MacKay Angus Victor Peck, Physician Superintendent, Argyll and Bute Hospital, serv med. MacKay, William Alexander Lee, vice chm, mgemt and human resources cttee, Association of District Ccls, serv loc govt. Margarson, Lt Col John Pierce, TD, serv Soldiers Sailors and Airmens Families Assoc in Clwyd. Marshall, Prof Mary Tara, dir, Dementia Services Developmt Centre at the Univ of Stirling, former dir, Age Concern Scotland, serv elderly people. Martin, Jurek, Washington Bureau Chief, Financial Times. Mason, Arthur Gordon, res mgr, Digi-Media Vision Ltd, serv the broadcasting ind. Matthews, Duncan Stuart, hd of innovation and growth unit, National Westminster Bank plc, serv banking and to ind. McAlpine, Kenneth, DL, for serv the English Vineyard Association and to English wine. McCabe, James McIntosh, MBE, for polit serv. McCracken, Andrew Duncan, former prin offr, Howdenhall/St Katharine's Centre, Edinburgh, serv child care. McCubbin, David Alexander, serv people with learning disabilities. McDonnell, Prof Damien Gerard, sen prin scient offr, the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, MOD. McFarlane, James Dobbie, former major projects dir, engring Ddvision, Nuclear Electric plc, serv the nuclear electric ind. McGinnis, William, DL, serv the sheet metal ind and to ind. McGough, Roger, poet, serv poetry. McGrath, Helen Frances, pres, National Union of Knitwear, Footwear and Apparel Trades, serv industrial rels. McGuinness, Patrick Joseph, ltly First sec, Brit Embassy, Abu Dhabi. McKenzie, Stuart, serv the Sea Cadet Corps southern area. McNeill, Donald, former Ch exec, South Ayrshire Hospitals NHS Trust, serv hlth care. Michie, Prof David Alan Redpath, artist, serv art. Monro, Jean, serv interior ddsign. Moody, Charles Edward, dep Ch exec, Engineering and Marine Training Authority, serv trg. Morgan, Derek William Charles, for publ serv in Wales. Morris, Patricia, for polit serv. Mulholland, John Robin, agric estates mgr, Crown Estate Commrs.

Nahapiet, Herbert Neville, Ch exec, UK Detention Services, serv engring and to the construction ind. Nelson, Robert Livingston, dir, Dounreay, UKAEA, serv the nuclear ind. Newman, Malcolm Terence, Range E, Her Majestys Treas. Norie, Evelyn Hugh, for serv Brit busnss intrsts in Hong Kong. North, Joan Mary, for polit and publ serv. Nugent, Jean, nursing dir, St Helier Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey, serv hlth care.

Osborne, Geoffrey James, former Grade 7, Dept of Env. Owen, Alfred David, trustee, commty Development Foundation, serv the commty in the West Midlands.

Parker, Anthony Frederick, former courts administrator, Lord Chancellor's Dept. Parker, Pamela Margaret, vice pres, All Eng Women's Hockey Assoc, serv hockey. Parkinson, Alan Edward, offr in charge, Bd of In Rev. Paton, David Romer, serv the commty in Aberdeen. Payne, Prof Christopher Charles, Ch exec, Horticulture Research Internat, serv horticultural res. Pearce, Ann Philippa, (Mrs Christie) author, serv children's literature. Pegington, Anne, sec, R College of Nursing Welsh Board, serv nursing in Wales. Petch, Howard Wesley, prin, Bishop Burton College, serv agric educ. Pollard, George Redmond, hdteach, St Thomas More Catholic High School, Crewe, Cheshire, serv educ. Price-Thomas, David Geraint, former under sec (Wales), Ccl of Welsh Districts, serv loc govt in Wales. Prior, Anne, former courts administrator, Lord Chancellor's Dept. Proudfoot, Prof Vincent Bruce, former gen sec, R Society of Edinburgh, serv learning.

Quick, Robert Harvey, professional and technol superintending grade, MoD.

Rattray, Capt David Lawson, commanding offr, fishery protection vessel Norna. Renfrew, Norman Turnbull, chm, Perth Housing Association, serv the Housing Association movement and to the commty in Perth. Rich, Josef Lionel, chm, Gen Dental Services Committee, Brit Dental Association, serv dentry. Richards, Shirley Jane, former GP, Exeter, Devon, serv med. Richardson, Alan, JP, Dir, Accounting Services, Hong Kong. Richardson, John Matthew, dir, Lancashire Area West Training and Enterprise Ccl, serv educ and trg. Richmond, Edward Anthony, for polit and publ serv. Ridley-Day, Sally Dawn, for polit and publ serv. Ritchie, Anna, mbr, Ancient Monuments Board for Scotland, serv archaeology. Roberts, Michael Collingwood, serv energy efficiency. Roberts, Stanley Desmond, serv med. Rossdale, Peter Daniel, serv equine veterinary science. Rowland Jones, Sarah Caroline, LVO, ltly First sec, HM Embassy, Budapest.

Schild Rolf, For publ and industrial serv. Segger, Peter, chm, MD Organic Farm Foods (Wales) Ltd, serv organic horticulture. Service, Louisa Anne, serv music and to young people. Shalev, David, serv archture. Shaw, John Martin, dir of planning and transportation, Norfolk Cnty Ccl, serv loc govt. Sheridan, William Francis, hd of internat policy, Forestry Commn. Shields, Francis Edward, MBE, former Ch exec, Nat Fed of Young Farmers Clubs, serv the Young Farmers Club movement. Skipper, Ian, for charitable serv. Smith, Brian William, former hd of operations, Securities and Investments Board, serv fin regulation. Smith, Clifford John, serv the newspaper ind and to the commty in Lincolnshire. Smith, Dennis Alfred, former network dir, southern div, COIormation. Smith, John Stanley Walter, hd of corporate serv group, Her Majesty's Board of Customs and Excise. Sneddon, Ian Nelson, chm, Central Scotland Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities, serv the employment of disabled people. Speakman, Kenneth, former pollution insp, Environment Agency, serv environmental protection. Stanhope, Francis Richard, serv the R Air Force Association. Steedman, Robert Russell, former mbr, R Fine Art Commn for Scotland, serv the built environment in Scotland. Steere, Michael John, For serv Brit engring in Norway. Stockley, Susan Elizabeth, chm, nat exec of Nat Federation of Women's Insts, serv the Women's Inst movement. Stoner, John Howard, reg gen mgr, National Rivers Authority (Welsh Region), serv the environment in Wales. Stott, Robert Thomas Dursley, serv the Brit Red Cross Society on the Isle of Man. Strachan, Ian Robert, JP, Dir of Social Welfare, Hong Kong. Street, June, exec mgr, Dacorum Ccl for Voluntary Service, serv the commty. Swan, Richard Kenneth, serv tourism.

Theobald, Geoffrey Trevor, for polit and publ serv. Thompson, Joan Margaret Elizabeth, TD, for publ serv. Trench, Kenneth, chm, Maxwell Pensioners Action Group, serv pensions legislation.

Upson, Michael Victor, TD, former Grade 6, FCO.

Walker, Derek Eustace Murray, dir, Worldware, serv publ awareness of aid issues. Wallace, Prof Herbert, serv the commty. Wallace, Robert, for serv Brit comml intrsts overseas. Ward, Trevor, former hd of aerodrome standards dept, Civil Aviation Authority, serv aviation. Watson, Hugh Ingram, QPM, Commandant, Scottish Police College. Watson, Kathleen, busnss requirements analyst, Bd of In Rev. Wells, Anthony Barton, serv the family Just system. Whinney, Patrick, DSC, pres, Guernsey Cheshire Home Foundation, serv the commty. Whitehead, Annarosa, serv the Women's Transport Service. Williams, John Charles, sec and Ch exec, Inst of Electrical Engineers, serv electrical engring. Williams, Michael David, Rabbi to the Copernic commty in Paris. Williams, William Gwyn, serv library and information serv in Wales. Wilson, George Norman, vice-chm, Peak Park Joint Planning Board, Peak District National Park, servlLocal government. Wilson, Monica, serv disabled people. Wilson, Primrose Eileen, serv conservation. Winkle, Anthony Webbe, serv the construction ind in Scotland. Wong, David, Shou- yeh JP, for serv busnss and the commty, Hong Kong. Wong, The Honourable Samuel, Ping-wai MBE, JP, for publ serv, Hong Kong. Woods Samuel Derek, for publ serv. Woods, William John, for serv commty hlth care in Brazil. Wu, Raymond Wai-yung, for serv psychiatric rehab in Hong Kong. Yu Lai, Helen, Ching-ping JP, Dir of Educ, Hong Kong.

Member (MBE)

Abse, Bathsheba, Curator, Keats-Shelley Memorial House, Rome. Ackerley, Kenneth Elliott, serv physically hndcppd people. Adams, Graham Clifford, storekeeper, mfg div, Rolls-Royce and Associates plc, serv the automobile ind. Adams-Morgan, Kenneth, For polit Service. Aitken, William, serv the commty in Aberdeen. Aldred, Anne, revenue asst, Bd of In Rev. Alibone, Richard John, sen professional tech offr, FCO. Allan, Duncan Brierton, Second sec, Brit Embassy, Moscow. Allen, Lt Cdr Peter Douglas, RN, Retired Offr 2, MoD. Amlani, Yashwanti Chandrakant, serv commty rels in Bristol. Amos, Ann McCall, pers sec, MoD. Anderson, John Elwyn, serv the commty, partic lifesaving, in South Wales. Anderson, Dorothy, admin offr, DSS. Anderson, Royan Stuart, Constable, operational support unit, Brit Transport Police, serv publ transport. Anderson, Timothy John, Sgt, Derbyshire Constabulary, serv the pol. Armstrong, Jean, del Bianco, serv Brit cultural intrsts in Venice. Askey, Edmund Robert, serv tourism in Blackpool, Lancs. Atkinson, Charles Keith, serv young people in Notts and to rowing. Atkinson, Elizabeth, mbr, Northumberland Cnty Ccl, serv loc govt. Atkinson, Marjorie Oxnard, serv the commty on the Pennywell Estate Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. Au, Chi-lau, JP, for serv civil engring in Hong Kong.

Baerlein, Peggy, serv the Lister Hospital Hertfordshire. Bailey, Beryl, Support Grade Band 1, Home Off. Bailey, Peter Edwin, former sen doorkeeper, House of Lords. Baker, Albert John, serv war pensions cttees in London. Baker, Christopher Rodney, Hon Consul, Dunkirk. Baker, Elsie Evelyn, serv the Girls Brigade on Guernsey. Ball, Kenneth Walter, former hon sec, Brit Transport Pensioners Federation, serv the rly ind. Barlow, Jack Bonner, serv loc ccls in the former South Glamorgan and to the commty in Sully. Barnes, Sigrid Geraldine Wells, for charitable serv in the Falkland Islands. Barr, Andrew Brown, serv the R Agricultural Benevolent Inst and to the Essex Agricultural Society. Bartholomew, Dennis Gordon, serv the commty in Whiston South Yorkshire. Bateman, Haydn Sydney, Auxiliary Coastguard- in-charge, Her Majesty's Coastguard, St Govans, Dyfed, serv Safety at Sea. Baum, Derek, serv the Association of Jewish ex-Servicemen and Women. Beaton, Donald James MacDonald, Shepherd, Roslin Inst, serv scient res. Beazley, Mary Loveday, serv the commty in Wormley, Hertfordshire. Beckett, Marian, asst caretaker, Priestley College, Warrington, Cheshire, serv educ. Bell, Howard Philip, hon liaison offr (eastern reg), R National Lifeboat Inst, serv the RNLI. Bennett, Clarice Mary, serv the Brit Red Cross Society in Norfolk. Berry, Thelma, serv the Norfolk Foster Care Association. Bershers, Janet, Brit Vice-Consul, Chicago. Bevan, David Wyn, serv industrial rels in Wales. Bevan, Mary Winifred, serv the NSPCC in Merthyr Tydfil. Bevis, Deirdre, Administrative Offr, MoD. Billingsley, Fred, Higher Professional and Technology Offr, MoD. Billington, Anthea, sec to the mgg dir, Britannia Airways Ltd, serv the aviation ind. Bingham, Margaret Elizabeth, serv tourism.

Birch, Kenneth Geoffrey, Brit Vice-Consul, Zurich. Bird, Jean Shirley, Range B, Her Majesty's Treas. Birkett, Edward John, serv the commty in Canning Town, London. Blackshaw, Brian Anthony, Sub-Divisional Offr, West Mercia Special Constabulary, serv the pol. Bloomer, Mary Elizabeth, serv the commty. Boddy, Christine, for polit serv. Boddy, William Charles, founder and editor, Motor Sport, serv sports jrnism. Bolton, Barbara May, serv the commty in Manningtree, Essex. Bonham Christie, Celia Ruth, founder and life pres, Triumph Over Phobia, serv the commty. Booth, Margaret Helena, for polit serv. Bottrill, Patricia Mary, dept hd (ambulatory Ccre), R Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, serv hlth care. Boult, Ruth Olive, serv the commty in Messingham South Humberside. Boursot, John Basil, for serv zoology in El Salvador. Bowen, Keith Du Brettargh, serv disabled people in Leeds West Yorkshire. Bowley, Arthur Thomas, serv the commty in Brecon Powys. Boyd, The Rev Father William, officiating chaplain, Brit Forces Rheindahlen, serv the Armed Forces. Brady, John James, serv the Employment Service in Hebburn Tyne and Wear. Brannon, John Michael, chm, PMI Food Group UK Foster Refrigerator Group of Companies, serv expt. Bratty, William, for charitable serv the commty in Perth. Brewster, Barbara, pers sec, Bd of In Rev. Brinkworth, Jean, serv Guiding partic the Ranger Section, in former South Glamorgan.

Brockbank, Margaret Aline Jessica, serv the commty in Bournemouth, Dorset. Brockway, Wilfred, serv the commty in Fontmell Magna, Dorset. Broom, Cyril Albert, serv legal educ. Brown, Jack Watson, for polit and publ serv. Brown, John Stuart, GP, Larkfield, Kent, serv med. Brown, Barbara, for polit serv. Browne, Ronald Ezekiel, mbr, LB Hammersmith and Fulham, serv loc govt. Bryant Roger Ian, for serv the commty in Martlesham, Suffolk. Bryceland, Brian Francis, sen exec offr, DSS. Bunn, Cyril Percy, serv jrnism in Cornwall. Burges, Christine Dorothy, serv young people in Edenbridge, Kent. Burne, John Christopher, voluntary observer, Meteorological Office, Kent. Burnett, Patricia Rose, serv serv families in Hereford. Burns, Susan Marilyn, serv the Rela Goldhill Lodge London and to young disabled people. Butler, Herbert Roy, serv the commty in Frome Somerset. Butler, William Anthony, for polit serv.

Cadmore, Maxwell Charles, serv hlth care in Swansea South Wales. Cairns, Walter Rounsfell, former literature dir, Scottish Arts Ccl, serv literature. Calderbank, William Martin, serv the engring ind. Campbell, Joseph Graham, serv the commty. Cann, Reginald John, former maintenance superv, Crown Estate Commrs. Canning, Harold, chm, Wolverhampton and Walsall Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities, serv the employment of disabled people. Cannon, Pamela Kathleen, revenue typist, Bd of In Rev. Carruthers, Peter Andrew, serv sport for people with disabilities. Casement, Mary Shane, serv the rehab of offenders. Chambers, Allan Lewis, serv agric. Chambers, Derek, sen investigation offr, Her Majesty's Board of Customs and Excise. Chambers, Eileen Dorothy, mbr, Board of Visitors, Her Majesty's Prison and Young Offenders Inst Drake Hall, serv prisoner welf. Chan, Kim-to, for publ serv Hong Kong. Chan, Kong-sang, for publ serv Hong Kong. Chan, John Theng Keong, exec Offr, Dept of Health. Chandler, Stephen Victor, Constable, Met Pol, serv the pol. Chandran, Capt Kandiah, former Ch exec, Presentation Housing Association, serv the Housing Association movement. Chang Siao, Josephine, Fong-fong, for serv the performing arts Hong Kong. Chau, Peter, Cham-chiu QPM, CPM, Assistant Commr (Auxiliary), R Hong Kong Police Force. Chauhan, Dipakkumar Govindji, serv commty rels in Tameside Manchester. Chesterton, Maureen Anne, Brit Vice-Consul, Lima. Cheung Wong, Angela, Wan Yiu, JP, serv educ and hosp administration, Hong Kong. Chik, Michael, Wah-wai, Assistant Commr, Customs and Excise, Hong Kong. Chivers, Charles Peter, serv the commty in Cuddington Cheshire. Chorley, Alan Leslie, former treas, Access Committee for Eng, serv disabled people. Christie William, DFM, serv the RAF Association. Clark, Alan Ernest, sen exec offr, Acas Dept of Trade and Indust. Clark John, design engr, R Observatory, Edinburgh, serv astronomy. Clark, Audrey, former Superintendent Registrar, Gateshd Metropolitan Borough Ccl, serv the commty. Clarke, Joan, gen asst, dining hall, Worcester College of Higher Educ, serv educ. Clarke Robert, Trident Boat mgr, VSEL, serv the defence ind. Clarke Stephen Harold Henry, serv archaeology in Monmouth. Clarkson, Margaret Winifred, serv Carlisle Cathedral. Coates, Phyllis Mary, serv the commty in Shere, Surrey. Cochrane, Elizabeth, serv War Pensions Committees. Coleman, June Elizabeth, serv the commty in Bath. Collins, Allan Barratt, gen asst, Tesco, Sutton, Surrey, serv food retailing.

Collis, John Frederick, Constable, Met Pol, serv the pol. Conaway, Leonard, for serv the commty in Cumbria. Cook, Allison Gardner, for polit and publ serv. Cooke, Joseph John, mayor's office, Lincoln City Ccl, serv loc govt. Cooke, Dorothy Mary, serv the commty in Leicester. Cooper, Kathleen Roberta Joyce, serv the St John Ambulance Brigade. Cooper, Mary Matilda, BEM, for serv nursing and welf, Montserrat. Corfield, Tony, nat co-ordinator, National Hlth and Safety Groups Ccl, serv hlth and safety. Cornwell, Ronald Stanley, serv the commty in Crawley, West Sussex. Corrall, Mary Barbar, former sen exec offr, Her Majesty's Board of Customs and Excise. Corrie, Myrna Jean, prin, Farm Secretarial Business and Presdt, Scottish Young Farmers' Assoc, serv farming. Cotton, Colin, serv the R Naval Sailing Association. Cottrell, Henry, former butler, Dorneywood Trust, serv govt hospity. Couldridge, Olwen Jessie, sec, Park Primary School, Newham, London, serv educ. Coulthard, Derek, sen exec offr, DSS. Courtney, Roger Brian, serv people who are homeless. Coutts, Eileen Frances, serv the Sea Cadet Corps in East London. Cox, Derrick Stanley, hd chef, Pembroke College, Univ of Oxf, serv higher educ. Coxon, Veronica Mary, serv WRVS in Sutton Coldfield West Midlands. Craig, Freda Elizabeth Moody, serv golf. Craig, Jacqueline Ainslie Diana, serv the Gurkha Welfare Trusts.

Craine, Sheila Elizabeth, serv the commty in Merseyside. Cras, Hilda Blanche Le, for serv Horse Driving for the Disabled and to the R Brit Legion on Guernsey. Crews, Nicola Jane, for serv the hndcppd Indonesia. Croad, Stephen James, former hd of record, nat buildings, R Commn on the Historical Monuments of Eng. Crompton, Eric Kenneth, busnss devel mgr, Matra Marconi Space UK Ltd, serv the space ind. Cromwell, June Pamela, technician, Southern Water, serv the water ind. Cross, The Rev Hugh Geoffrey, serv ecumenical rels in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire. Cubertino, Joaquim Jose, hd waiter, catering dept, St Thomas Hospital, London, serv hlth care. Cullen, Frederick Ernest, admin asst, the Benefits Agency, DSS. Cullington, The Rev Richard, TD, former officiating chaplain, RAF St Mawgan, serv the R Air Force. Curnock, Kathleen, serv voluntary serv. Curry, Charles Starr, editor, New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times, serv jrnism in Hampshire. Cutcliffe, Gerald, wildlife ranger, Forestry Commn.

D'Arcy, Margaret, actress, serv drama. D'Costa, Rose, Pers sec, Dept of Transport. D'Costa, Peter Aubrey Victor, higher exec offr, Dept of Env. Dale, John Christopher, mgg dir, John Dale Ltd, serv ind in Wales. Dalligan, Mary Margaret, former home care worker, LB Southwark, serv the commty. Dandeker, Celeste, artistic dir, CandoCo, serv dance and to disabled people. Daniel, Peter, chm, Ridgemond Training, Stevenage, Herts, serv trg and young people. Darr, Wasim, pres, UK Islamic Mission (southern reg), serv commty rels. Davies, Irene Joyce, serv the commty in Pantymwyn Flintshire. Davies, Joyce Mary, serv the Brit Red Cross Society in Shropshire. Dawson, Catherine Elizabeth, ch admin dental offr, Grampian Health Board, serv dentry. Day, Geoffrey Michael, for serv the oil ind. Dell, Simon Patrick, Constable, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, serv the pol. Denny, William Ernest, serv Soldiers Sailors and Airmen's Families Assoc in Warwks.

Derham, Royland Charles, gen sec, the T S Vindicatrix Association, serv the Merchant Navy. Dewey, Joyce Muriel, serv the commty in Lymington Hampshire. Dobson, Frederick Gains, serv the Ex-Service Fellowship Centres. Dodd, Ingrid Julia, for polit serv. Doherty, John, serv disabled ex-servmen and women. Donaghy, Maurice Francis, asst contrler, the Stamp Office, Bd of In Rev. Donaldson, Hilda, serv educ. Donaldson, Margaret Agnes, serv the WRVS in Llanelli Dyfed. Doonan, Teresa, for serv the Glazert Activity Group Lennox Castle Hospital, Glasgow. Duckmanton, Marina, Management Pay Band 4, the Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Duncan, James, serv the Scout Association in Scotland. Durno, Denis, DL, GP, Portlethen, Aberdeenshire, serv med. Dyer, Eric Anthony, welf offr, National Grid Company plc, serv personnel mgemt. Dyke, Elizabeth Stella, serv the commty in Sherborne, Dorset.

Earl, Pamela Elaine, higher exec offr, Crown Prosecution Service. Easter, Mary Jean, clerical asst, Wiltshire Constabulary, serv the pol. Edginton, Daphne Viola, serv the commty in Milton-under-Wychwood Oxon. Edwards, Geoffrey Stephen, mgg dir, Oxley Developments Company Ltd, serv ind. Edwards, Harry Allen, serv the Anglers' Conservation Association. Edwards, Michael, admin offr, Dept for Educ and Employment. Edwards, Pauline, Divisional Commandant, Special Constabulary, Dorset Police, serv the pol. Egan, Brendan William Laurence, for serv the Brit School Manila. Eglington, Margaret M, former conductor, Billingham String Orchestra and Billingham Friday Choir, Cleveland Peripatetic Music Service, serv music educ. Elliot, James Murray, former chm, Scout Association, East Sussex, serv Scouting. Ellis Brian Henry, founder, Vision Aid Overseas, for charitable serv. Ellis, Pauline Ann, serv the commty in Derby. Elsworth, Margaret, for serv educ and hlth South Africa. Emerson, Harry, serv the commty in Stockton-on- Tees, Cleveland. Eustice, John Barrymore, for serv the disabled Botswana. Evans, Elizabeth Margaret, serv the commty partic disabled people, in Llanelli, Dyfed. Evans-Gordon, Ian Kenmure, for polit serv. Everett, Shirley, newsvendor, serv the commty in Westminster, London. Eves, Doris Mabel, serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Farnborough, Hants. Exley, George Fitton, hon sec, Scarborough Lifeboat Station, serv the RNLI.

Farmer, Ellen Branker, pres, Old Paisley Society, serv conservation. Farmer, Margaret Winifred, serv the R Brit Legion in Sevenoaks Kent. Faux, Eric Arnold, serv disabled people in Birmingham. Fea, Valerie Ann, former exec sec, the School Library Association, serv librarianship and to young people. Findlay, Heather Duncan, loc Offr 2, the Benefits Agency, DSS. Fineron, Nina Mary, former typist, DSS. Finlay, Millar Henry, Divisional Offr, (Special Constabulary), Flintshire Division, North Wales Police, serv the pol. Finlay, Isabel H, former chiropodist, Glasgow, serv hlth care. Finlay, Olwen, serv physiotherapy. Fisher, Evelyn May, serv netball in Coventry. Fisher, Myra Caroline, serv the commty in Paulsgrove Portsmouth, Hants. Fitzsimmons, Bernard Joseph, for publ serv. Flegg, Michael Robert, catering mgr, Nottingham City Hospital, serv hlth care. Fleming, The Reverend Father Anthony, for charitable and welf serv the commty in Orissa, India. Fletcher, Iris Mary, serv the commty in Crowborough, East Sussex. Flynn, Dorothy Christine, serv young people in Winchester Hampshire. Foley, Thomas William, warder superv, National Gallery. Folland, Patricia, serv young people in South Shields, Tyne and Wear. Force, Pauline Anne, sch sec, Oakfield Cnty Primary Junior School, Dartford, Kent, serv educ. Ford, James Paton Hunter, team ldr/instructor, steelwork, Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd, serv the shipbldg ind. Ford, Robert Peter, sorter, Parcelforce, East Midlands, serv the Post Office and to industrial rels. Forrester, Audley Moraise, interchange mgr, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport exec, serv publ transport. Fortnam, John Robert, group purchase mgr, Aerospace Group, Rolls-Royce plc, serv the aerospace ind. Foster, Alfred, founder, African Leprosy Aid, for charitable serv. Foxley, John Christopher, water supply mgr, Southern Water, serv the water ind. Frackelton, Annis Grace Campbell, serv family care in Edinburgh. Freeman, Michael William Thomas, Insp, Lincolnshire Constabulary, serv the commty. Freeman, Lesley Margaret, Range D, Her Majestys Treas. Freeth, Denzil Kingson, serv the Church of Eng in London. Froomberg, Patricia, serv disabled people. Fryer, Norah, serv elderly people in Church Lawton, Cheshire. Fuller, Michael, laboratory serv mgr, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, serv biology. Gale, Edward Frank, for polit serv. Gallagher, Richard, serv the commty in Aberdeen. Gamble Frank Charles, Dir, Brit Red Cross Society, Bermuda. Gannon, Lucy, writer, serv tv drama. Gardner, Richard Ian, serv the pol. Garratt, Christopher, for serv the Brit commty in Brussels. Geddes, Arthur Buchan, sector offr, the Coastguard Agency, Dept of Transport. George, Arthur Samuel, sch Crossing patrol, Portsmouth, Hants, serv road safety. George James Alexander, Administrative Offr, MOD. Gibb Graham James, ldr, Grampian Police and Braemar Mountain Rescue Teams, serv mountain rescue. Gibson Martin Fraser, for serv the Brit commty in Uruguay. Gibson, Alison Gray, temp project mgr, R Mail, Edinburgh, serv the Post Office. Gibson, Valerie, serv the Right to Peace and Quiet Campaign. Gibson, Sydney, sec, Fergusons Lane Tenants' Association, serv the commty in Scotswood, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Giddings, Joan, former office administrator, Brit Apparel and Textile Confedn, serv the clothing ind. Gilham, George Oliver, First sec (Works), Brit High Commn, New Delhi. Glasgow, Elizabeth, serv the commty in Wester Hailes Edinburgh.

Glover John, serv golf. Gobbett, Maureen Audrey, higher exec offr, MoD. Goddard, Maj Douglas George, serv the commty in Wargrave-on-Thames, Berks. Gol, Joan Doreen, for charitable and welf serv in Texas, US. Goodall, David William, serv nature conservation in Hampshire. Goodstadt, Rose Yin-chee, JP, for serv publ hlth and welf, Hong Kong. Goulding, Stephen, the Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Greaves, Anne, serv the Health and Safety Commns Occupational Health Advisory Committee. Greechan, Evelyn, sen traffic warden, City of Glasgow Police, serv road safety. Greenlaw, Ian, Support Grade Band 1, Her Majesty's Customs and Excise. Gregory, Brian, facilities mgr, Sussex Police, serv the pol. Grove, Sylvia Gladys, Office Support Grade Band 2, Home Off. Gruar, Alan Joseph, trg mgr, Lucas Aerospace, Wolverhampton Training Centre, Lucas Varity plc, serv trg. Gurney, Leslie, serv the commty in Stockport Cheshire.

Haggarty, Jessie, serv Highland dancing. Hague, Jonathan Ian, Detective Insp, Met Pol, serv the pol. Hall, Alfred, serv the World Ploughing Organisation. Hall, Arthur Charles, serv the commty in Walton-on-Thames Surrey. Hall, Eileen, Admin Offr, DSS. Hallatt, Edna Hilda Knight, governor, Newcastle- under-Lyme School, Staffs, serv educ. Hamilton, Mae, Administrative Office, Home Office. Hancock, Brenda Margaret, former pers sec, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env. Hanley, Angela Katherine, trg mgr, First Aid Centre, London Transport, serv publ transport. Harding, Hilda, serv MIND and to the elderly and disadvantaged in Sutton, Surrey. Harman, Anthony Shannon, serv agric and to the Brit Charolais Cattle Society. Harper,Susan Gladys, practice nurse (sister), Roslin Medical Centre, Midlothian, serv hlth care. Harris, David, serv the Post Office and to the commty in Scunthorpe Lincolnshire. Harrison, Marion Constance, serv the Schizophrenia Fellowship on Jersey. Hart, Maureen, pers sec, Vickers Defence Systems Ltd, serv the defence ind. Hart, Patricia Mary, serv the commty on Alderney. Hartley, William Mark, serv the commty in Coventry. Hawes, Dorothy Elizabeth, vocal dept consult, Trinity College of Music, London, serv music educ. Hawkshaw, Judith Anne, serv hous and the commty in Suffolk. Hawley, Shirley Caroline Amelia, former nursing asst, Pease Hill Residential Unit, Nottingham Healthcare Trust, serv hlth care. Hawthorne, Dinnie Margaret, serv the commty partic elderly people in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.

Hay Gordon Charles, gas engr, for humanitarian serv the former Yugoslavia. Hayter, Arthur Rowland, for charitable serv in Waterlooville Hampshire. Heard, Desmond, gas engr, for humanitarian serv the former Yugoslavia. Heath, Albert Maurice, serv the Nevill Hall Hospital League of Friends Abergavenny, Gwent. Heath, Leslie, publan, serv the commty in East London. Heath, Alison Helen Constance, curator, the Brit Library, serv librarianship and to deaf people. Heath, Barbara Celia, serv the commty in Ringmer East Sussex. Hedges, Patricia Ann, educ advisor, Parcelforce, serv the freight ind. Heeley, Joy Stevenson, former revenue offr, Bd of In Rev. Heler, Thomas William, mbr, Staffordshire Parish Ccls Association, serv loc government. Henderson, Mabel Evelyn Jeanette, for serv the Guide Association in Shetland. Hetherington, Joan Elizabeth, for publ serv. Hext, Maj John Wilfred Barratt, TD, voluntary observer, Meteorological Office, Cumbria. Hibbert, Sheila Jean, serv young people in London. Higgins, Herbert Vincent, serv the retd and sen volunteer programme. Higham, Louise Elizabeth, Head, Br Ccl Office, Barcelona.

Hoare, Marjorie Helen, For serv literature and the Is heritage Gibraltar. Hodder,Eileen Jeanne, serv the commty in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey. Hodgkinson, Eileen, for polit and publ serv. Hodgson, Marjorie, serv the commty in York. Hogg, Mavis Ruth, serv lawn tennis. Holden, Olive, serv the Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund in Perthshire. Holland, David George, sen road safety offr, Durham Cnty Ccl, serv road safety. Hollis, John Kenneth, for charitable serv in Kent. Holmes, Thomas, former asst dir, environmental ssrvices, Trafford Metropolitan Borough Ccl, serv the environment. Honey, Albert Joseph Thomas, serv animal welf in Oxfshire. Hopkins, James William, former mgr, district office, East Midlands Electricity plc, serv the electricity ind. Hopper, Robert, road worker, highways div, Northumberland Contract, serv highways maintenance. Hopton, Olive Mary, serv the commty in Irlam, Manchester. Hornsby, Beve, serv people with dyslexia. Hosie, Anne Jamieson, exec offr, the Benefits Agency, DSS. Howe, Ralph John, gardener, Kettering Gen Hospital, Northants, serv hlth care. Howell, Arthur William, leading firefighter, London Fire and Civil Defence Authority, serv the fire serv. Howes, Edna Emily, serv the R Brit Legion in Northants. Huggons, Denis Arthur, serv the London Gardens Society. Hughes, Margaret Florence, postwoman, R Mail, serv the Post Office and to the commty in Wollaston, Northamptonshire. Hughes, Mildred Emily, ch clrk, Llangefni Cnty Court, Lord Chancellor's Dept. Hui, Ann, On-wah, for serv the performing arts Hong Kong. Hume, David Bain, dir, Philomusica, serv music in Edinburgh. Hunt, Dorothy, serv the Sea Cadet Corps in Nottingham. Hunt, Sarah Ruth, serv disabled children in Northampton. Hunter, Marion, serv the fire serv. Huntington, John Malcolm, serv sports jrnism in Yorkshire. Hutcheon, Margaret Isobel, hdteach, Mosstowie Primary School, Morayshire, serv educ. Hutchinson, Helen Rosalind, tourist guide, serv tourism. Hynds, Derek Cecil George, sen professional and technol offr, MoD. Hywel-Jones, Lt Col Robert Ian, MC, sen exec offr, FCO.

Jackson, Norman Peter, Field dir, Save The Children Fund, Khartoum. Jackson, Simon Louis, serv judo for disabled people. Jacobs, Sydney Frederic, serv the commty in Liverpool. Jagdev, Arjan Singh, serv the ethnic commty in Merton London. James, Mary, serv farming and to consumer affrs. Jefkins, John Malcolm, for polit serv. Jerrard, Charles, serv the Brit Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association in Romford, Essex. Johnson, Andy Derrick, sect ldr, mathematics and technol dept, Southwark College London, serv educ. Johnston, George Refoy, vice chm, Eildon Housing Association, serv hous. Johnston, Samuel Hans, process and gen supervy Grade D, MoD. Jones, David Charles Newhams, former journalist, Ashton Reporter, serv jrnism in Lancashire. Jones, David Lloyd, former Ch exec, Arfon Borough Ccl, serv loc govt. Jones, Howard Leslie, maintenance technician, Stanlow Manufacturing Complex, Shell UK Ltd, serv hlth and safety. Jones, Carol Theresa, former sen pers sec, the Highways Agency, Dept of Transport. Jones, Ivy, serv the commty in Tayside. Jones, Janice, serv the commty partic young children, in Adamsdown, Cardiff. Jones, Vera Daisy, for polit and publ serv. Jones, Robert Meirion, serv choral music in the District of Ffestiniog Gwynedd. Jones, Trevor Mostyn, for serv the Environment in North East Eng.

Keene, Wendy, for polit serv. Kelly, Eileen Grace, for serv the commty in Pulborough, West Sussex. Kennedy, Donald Fraser, Hon chm, Dalneigh Sen Citizens Club, serv elderly people in Inverness. Kernohan, Neil Alexander, ltly Vice-Consul, Brit Interests Section, Italian Embassy, Tripoli. Keys, Richard Leighton, for serv the commty in Banbury, Oxfshire. Kightley, Malcolm John, for serv the Holy Sepulchure Church, Northampton. King, Lorna Jean, for serv Jersey Hospice Care. Kinnaird, Alison, Clarsach Player and Teacher and Glass Engraver, serv Music and to Art. Kirillova, Irina, for serv Anglo/Russian Relations. Kirk, Capt Alex, ltly Hon sec, Hartlepool Lifeboat Station, RNLI, serv the RNLI. Kirk, Donald Henry, for serv the R London Aid Society. Kirk, Bernadette Ann, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Nottingham City Hospital NHS Trust, serv Health Care. Knight,Wendy Patricia, for serv the Brit Red Cross Society in Hampshire. Knowles, Alan Keith, for serv Remploy in Norwich Norfolk. Knowles, Mildred Eveline, for serv Disabled People in Berkshire. Kwan, James, Kin-cheung, for publ serv Hong Kong.

Langridge, Thomas Percival, Founder, the Pahar Trust, for charitable serv. Large, David Stuart, Constable, Cheshire Constabulary, serv the Police and to the commty in Winsford. Lawrance, Margaret Elsie Ann, for serv the commty in Loughton, Essex. Lawrence, Iain William, mgg dir, Thomas Smith and Company (Peterhd) Ltd, serv the Textile ind. Lawrence, R Mary, caretaker, Irfon Valley Cnty Primary School, Powys, serv Educ and to the commty. Lawson, Bernard Robert, Lord Mayor's sec, Manchester City Ccl, serv local govt. Lawthom, Ann, ltly hdteach, Rhondda Special School, Trealaw, Rhondda, serv Educ. Leake, Elizabeth May, for charitable serv in Clenchwarton, Norfolk. Leckie, William Gordon John, mgg dir, Crieff Hydro Hotel, Perthshire, serv the Hotel ind and to Tourism. Lee, Bryan Neville, for serv the Samaritans and to the commty in Doncaster. Lee, Lai-shan, for serv sport, Hong Kong. Lees, Winifred Elizabeth, for polit and publ serv. Leete, Jacqueline Margaret, for serv the commty in hdley Hants Lefever, Donald Clement, for serv the Butler Trust. Leung, Shou-chun, Principal Govt Land Surveyor, Hong Kong. Leung, Andrew, Kwan-yuen, for serv the textile ind Hong Kong. Leung, Shiu- Wing, exec Offr, MoD. Lewin, Joan, for serv the Historical Association. Lewis, Ann, Teacher in Charge, Widden Family Centre, Gloucester, serv Pre-School Educ. Lewis, Peter Reginald, Sub-Offr (Retained), North Wales Fire Service, serv the Fire Service. Li, Shai-hung, for publ serv, Hong Kong. Li, Simon, Pak-ho, JP, sen asst dir of Housing, Hong Kong. Liao, Sarah Mary, Sau-tung, JP, for serv consumer and environmental affrs, Hong Kong.

Lihou, Maurice George, for serv Young Handicapped People on Guernsey. Linnett, Sandra Elizabeth, ltly Sales and Computer Clerk, Kopex Internat Ltd, serv ind. Lloyd, Rose Helena, for serv St Davids Church Hundleton. Lo, Tin-hoi, Management asst, Brit Trade Commn, Hong Kong. Loach, Adrian Neville Barrett, Assistant Group Scout Leader, Bristol, serv Scouting. Lockhead, Rebecca McCausland, for publ serv. Lockwood, Jean Elizabeth, for serv the commty in Amersham, Bucks. Lodge, The Reverend Roy Frederick, Chaplain, Her Majesty's Prison Brockhill. Logan, Dora Amy, for serv the Brit commty Argentina. Longworth, Jaquelyn Patricia, Operational Safety and Policy mgr, Nuclear Electric Ltd, serv Engineering Management. Love, Walter Herbert, for serv Radio Journalism. Lowe, Maurice Ernest, Engineering mgr, Vosper Thornycroft (UK) Ltd, serv the Defence ind. Lowe, William, for serv the Library Service. Lucas, June Valerie, for serv the commty in Stanford Rivers, Essex. Lynn, Brenda Germaine, Sub Divisional Offr, Special Constabulary, West Yorkshire Police, serv the Police. Lynskey, Monica, ltly Administrative Offr, Office for Standards in Educ.

MacCallum, Fiona, Attache, HM Embassy, Riga. MacDonald, James Archibald, Head Greenkeeper, R Lytham and St Annes Golf Club, serv Golf. MacDougall, Thomas, Retained Sub-Offr, Tayside Fire Brigade, serv the Fire Service. MacGregor, Williamina, School Cook, Lochardil Primary School, Inverness, serv Educ. MacKay, John Kenneth, Crofter, serv the commty in Sutherlandshire. MacKenzie, Florence King, Dir, Scottish Churches Architectural Heritage Trust, serv the Restoration of Church Buildings. MacLean, George, ltly mgr, Air Traffic Service, Sumburgh Airport (Shetland), Civil Aviation Authority, serv Aviation. Macinnes, Jean, for serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Aberdeen. Macintyre, Laurence, Chief Superintendent, Strathclyde Police, serv the Police. Mackay, John Watson, Head of Recreation and Access Branch, Research and Advisory Services, Scottish Natural Heritage, serv Countryside Recreation. Macmillan, Maureen S, chm, City of Edinburgh Children's Panel Advisory Committee, serv young people. Macpherson, Elsie, for serv mentally ill people. Macredie, Stuart, ltly hdteach, St Albans Junior and Infant School, Wickersley, Rotherham, serv Educ. Magee, The Reverend Robert James, for serv commty Relations.

Males, Alan Roderick, for serv Architecture. Mansfield, Patricia Anne, for serv the commty in Leicester. Marcroft, Constance May, for serv deaf people in Sheffield. Mardell, Leslie George, Administrative Offr, London Fire and Civil Defence Authority, serv the Fire Service. Marriott, Allison Mary, ltly Third sec, UK Delegation to the Western European Union, Brussels. Marsden, Samuel Steele, for serv Agriculture. Marshall, Derek, Ch exec, South Humber Business Advice Centre Ltd, serv Business. Martin, Keith John, for polit and publ serv. Massey, Rosemary Elizabeth, office mgr, Lord Chancellor's Dept. Massey, Stanley Thomas, for serv the commty in Havant, Hants. Masters, Carole Kathleen, Higher exec Offr, DSS. Matthews, Tanya Borisovna, for serv broadcasting and jrnism, Tunisia. Maxwell, Florenz Elaine Webbe, for serv the Girl Guides and educ in Bermuda. McAlpine, William James, for serv Scouting. McCallion, Joan, typist, MoD. McClean, Rachel, for serv Training. McComb, Isa, For serv Housing. McCrindle, William Rae, chm, McCrindle Group, serv the Engineering ind. McCubbin, David, Compliance mgr, Bd of In Rev. McElroy, Norman Charles John, for serv the Police. McGowan, William, farmer, serv the Cattle ind in Fife. McKain, Donald, Staff Side Co-ordinator, Grampian Healthcare NHS Trust, serv Health Care. McKay, Neil, Revenue exec, Bd of In Rev. McKay, Stuart William, for serv the de Havilland Moth Club. McKinley, Evelyn Hildegard, Administrative Offr, MoD. McLean, Norman, Dir, National Mentoring Consortium, serv the Ethnic commty. McLean, Richard Dick, Prison Offr, Her Majesty's Prison, Edinburgh. McNeilage, Carol Ross, Nursing Auxiliary, Vale of Leven Hospital, Alexandria, serv Health Care and to the commty. McNeill, Valerie Matilda, for serv the Ports ind. McStay, Paul, for serv Association Football. McWhirter, Joseph Henry, for serv the commty and to the Post Office. Medley, Ivy Florence, for serv the commty in St Lawrence, Essex. Medlin, Alexandra Lynn, Pers asst to Brit High Commr, Cape Town. Mee, Jeremiah Joseph, for serv the Sick Dentist Scheme. Meeker, David Kleinman, for serv the National Film and Television Archive. Meyer, Bridget Anne, Higher exec Offr, Commwlth War Graves Commn. Meyer, Rolf, for serv the commty in Brixham Devon. Milburn, Donald John, For serv the Police and to the commty. Miller, Evelyn May, Administrative Offr, MoD. Miller, Sheila Denise, for serv the Brit Tourist Authority. Miller, Nicholas Charles, for serv People with Alcohol Problems. Mills, Sq Ldr Raymond, for serv the commty in Cambs. Milton, Mae, Administrative Offr, Home Off. Montgomery, Ena, for serv the commty in Chorley, Lancashire. Montgomery, Robert Joseph, for serv the Meat ind. Morgan, Ronald, Dep Governor and hd of Custody, Her Majesty's Prison Noranside. Morley, Richard William, ltly Catering mgr, Ring and Brymer (City), serv the Catering ind. Morris, Kathrine Amanda, Clerk to the Corporation, East Birmingham College, serv Educ. Morrison, Donald Fergusson, District Registrar, Strachur, Argyll, serv the commty. Morrow, Marie, for serv disabled people. Mummery, Walter Kenneth John, ltly Principal Prison Offr, Her Majesty's Prison and Young Offenders Inst Moorland. Munro, Joan F, Speech and Language Therapy mgr, Highland Communities NHS Trust, serv Health Care. Murray, Ian Adie, for serv educ in Murree, Pakistan. Murray, Robert Nathaniel, for serv the commty in Derby. Musgrave, The Reverend Canon James Robert, for serv the commty.

Newgarth, Samuel, for serv music and for charitable serv in Dorset. Ng, Shui-Lai, JP, serv welf, Hong Kong. Nicholls, Jeanne Marjorie, Presdt, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Leagues of Hospital and commty friends, serv Health Care. Nichols, David Edgar Thomas, Sen Scientific Offr, the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, MoD. Nimmons, Mary, for serv Health Care. Norburn, The Reverend Canon Richard Henry, for serv the commty in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Norgrove, Doreen, for serv the commty in Farnham, Surrey. Norman, Sheila, chm, R Life Saving Society, Suffolk Branch and Commwlth Development Liaison Offr, R Life Saving Society UK, serv Life Saving. Norris, Geoffrey Francis, GP, London, serv Medicine. Nutter, Arthur Joseph, for serv the Lieutenancy in Lancs.

O'Neil John, ltly Principal Lecturer and Course Leader of PGCE Art and Design, Univ of Wales Inst, Cardiff, serv Art Educ and Teacher Training. Offiah, Martin, for serv Rugby Football. Oliver, Enid Rosalind, For serv the commty in Ashford, Kent. Orford, William James, for serv Cricket in the West Midlands. Overs, Vera, for serv the commty in Martindale, Cumbria. Owen, Clifford, for serv the Chorley and District Talking Newspaper Lancashire. Owen, Pamela Mary, for serv the commty partic the NHS in Welshpool, Powys.

Palmer, Anthony Gerald, for serv the War Pensions Committee in East Anglia. Palmer, Sarah Faith The Honourable, for serv the commty, partic the Brit Red Cross Society, in Berkshire. Park, Isobel Marilyn, for serv the Scout Association in Dumfries. Passmore, Gordon Seymour, Member, London Borough of Wandsworth, serv local govt. Pattenden, Norman Henry, Special Operations mgr, North and South Railways Ltd, serv the Railways ind. Pattison, William Evans, for serv Mountain Rescue. Patton, Robert John, for serv the Engineering ind. Pendlebury, Christine Anne, Pers sec, Home Off. Perks, Philippa Helen, for serv the commty in Wrington, Bristol. Phillips, Frank Joseph, for serv the St John Ambulance Brigade in Wiltshire. Phillips, Eleanor Elizabeth, Pers sec to the Archbishop of Canterbury, serv the Church of Eng. Phillips, Kathleen Patricia Anne, Management Pay Band 1, the Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Phillips, Lilian Jane Helen, DL, for serv the commty in Worthing and West Sussex. Pickering, Jessica Winifred, for serv Foster Care in Lincs. Piercy, Anne Doreen, District Nurse, Tring, Herts, serv Health Care. Pirrit, John Neilson, Sen Planning Offr, Inverclyde Ccl, serv Local Govt. Plenderleith, Margaret Charlotte, Sec, Committee of the Benevolent Fund for Nurses in Scotland, serv the Brit Red Cross Society. Plummer, John, ltly Sen Messenger, Lord Chancellor's Dept.

Polley, Shirley Dorothy, School Crossing Patrol Offr, Surrey Cnty Ccl, serv Road Safety. Potter, Muir John, for serv Disabled People in West Sussex and for humanitarian serv in Romania. Pountney, Ruby Margaret, for serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Solihull, West Midlands. Powell, Jean Powell, Pre-Production Engineer (Design Support), ML Lifeguard Equipment Ltd, serv to survival eqpmt indtry. Prentis, Derek Edward Dowling, for serv the R Brit Legion in London. Price, Mo, for serv the commty in Stafford. Pryor, Edward George, JP, Principal Govt Town Planner, Hong Kong. Pryor Terence, Management Pay Band 1, the Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Pugh, Peggy, for serv Young People on the Isle of Man. Pugh, Walter Barry, ltly Sen Storekeeper, MOD. Pullen, Joyce Winifred, for serv the Save the Children Fund in Wiltshire.

Quetteville, Hugh Ludlow de, for charitable serv. Quinney, David, Station Offr, Central Scotland Fire Brigade, serv the Fire Service. Qureshi, Parveen, mgr, Rotherham Multi-Cultural Centre, serv the commty.

Redman, Ellen Elizabeth, for serv the commty in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Redpath, Cyril, for serv the Army Cadet Force in Northumbria. Reed, Lydia Elizabeth, Main exec, WJO Jennings Ltd, serv Public Transport. Rees, Alan Tait, for serv the commty in Edinburgh. Reid, Alistair, chm, Scottish Fishermans Organisation, serv the Fisheries ind. Rhydderch, Gwyn, Co-ordinator Brit Arts Festivals Association, serv the Arts. Rhys-Davies, Harriet Emily, for polit and publ serv. Richards, Dennis, for charitable serv in Penzance Cornwall. Riches, Bryan Robert, Sub-Divisional Offr, Suffolk Special Constabulary, serv the Police. Roberts, Edmund Caerwyn, for serv Agriculture in Wales. Roberts, John Aubrey, for serv the Wrexham Hospital League of Friends North Wales. Robertson, Moira Mary Ann, ltly Custodian, Skara Brae. Robinson, Eric, for charitable serv in Nantwich, Cheshire. Robinson, Jeremy John Lawrence, Sen exec Offr, MoD. Robinson, John, mgg dir, S Robinson and Sons (Eng.) Ltd, serv the Construction ind.

Rodgers, Frank, for serv the Environment in Derbyshire. Rollo, David Gordon, for serv the Care of Wildlife in Northumberland. Roseveare, Olivia Margaret Lady, for serv educ in Malawi. Ross, Walter Wilson, Conductor, Penston Silver Band, East Lothian, serv Music. Routledge, Charles, Dresser, serv the Theatre. Routledge, David Walton, serv the commty in Hillingdon, Middlesex. Rowling, Harold, for serv the commty in Westmeston, East Sussex. Ruparell, Shantilal Hirji, for serv the commty in Harrow, Middlesex.

Saltonstall, James Edwin Rous, for serv Yachting and to Young People. Sankaran, Anne Mary, for serv the commty in Oldham Lancs. Saunders, Peter, chm, Groundwork Trust, Merthyr and Cynon, serv the Environment. Savage, Alan Digerson, for serv the Croydon Battle of Britain Memorial and to the RAF Benevolent Fund. Savage, John Robert, for serv the commty in Southwell, Notts. Sayer, Leslie Daniel, DSM, for serv the Telegraphist Air Gnrs Association. Scaplehorn, Barry, ltly Firefighter, Suffolk Cnty Fire Service, serv the Fire Services Benevolent Fund. Scarsbrook, Susan, Head, Sudbourne Primary School, Lambeth, London, serv Educ. Scatliffe, Tatica Ernestine, for serv nursing and voluntary work in Brit Virgin Islands. Scott, Leonard, ltly Adviser on English Language, European Commn. Seaman, David Andrew, For serv Association Football. Seaman, Peter Jonathan, ltly Chief Insp, Herts Constabulary, serv the Police. Sen, Sukumar, for serv the commty in Lochaber. Sewell, Dorothy, for serv the commty in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire. Shaw, Robert James, for serv the Fishing ind. Sherwin, Patrick John, for serv Coastal Rowing. Shiach, Robert John, Cattleman, serv the Cattle ind in Banffshire. Shiel, William, for serv Tourism in Northumbria. Shore, Trevor Royston, Instructor/Examiner, Dorset Cnty Ccl Cycle Training Scheme, serv Road Safety. Silcox, Joan, for charitable serv in Newcastle-upon- Tyne. Simpson, Annie Mary, for serv Educ. Simpson, Sylvia Yvonne, for serv the Police. Skinner, Jean, School Crossing Patrol Warden, Kent Cnty Ccl, serv Road Safety.

Skinner, Robert, for serv the St Andrews Ambulance Association. Slater, David, for serv the commty in Worksop, Notts. Smart, Eileen Lorraine, Administrative asst, Dept of Trade and Indust. Smewin, Gwenneth Maude Muriel, ltly hdteach, Dunmore Cnty Infants School, Abingdon, Oxon, serv Educ. Smith, Graham Arthur, Engineering mgr, Secure Products, Siemens Plessey Systems Ltd, serv Defence Technology. Smith, John McCrindle, DL, for serv the Magistracy and to the Police Committee in Essex. Smith, Barbara Antoinette, Sen Nurse mgr, Leicester Gen Hospital, serv Health Care. Smith, Brenda, for charitable serv. Smith, Carol Beverley, Motor Transport Driver, MoD. Smith, Pauline, for serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Sale, Cheshire. Smith, Neville Maxwell Alexander, ltly Chief Immigration Offr, Bermuda. Smith, The Reverend Canon John Reginald, for serv the commty in Bury Manchester. Smith, Thomas Robert, for serv the commty in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire. Soto, Robert, for serv Scuba diving Brit Virgin Islands. Spears, Stuart Alan, for serv the commty in Deal, Kent. Spiegelberg, Anthony William Assheton, TD, DL, for polit serv. Stadler, Olive Patricia, for serv Relate and to Family Mediation in Tyneside. Staples, Peter Edward Paul, ltly Pay Band 11, HMSO. Stevenson, Jean, Typist/Clerical asst, Grange Academy, Kilmarnock, serv Educ. Stewart, John Kenneth, ltly Retained Sub-Offr, Grampian Fire Brigade, serv the Fire Service. Stewart, Edith Margaret, Matron, Bangkok Nursing Home, Thailand. Stewart, Grace Teresa, for publ serv. Stoddart, Wilfrid Bowring, for serv Young People in Runcorn Cheshire. Strathdee, Duncan John, Bed and Breakfast Proprietor Perthshire, serv Tourism. Strathdee, Helen, Bed and Breakfast Proprietor Perthshire, serv Tourism. Sussman, Leslie, Member, LB Barnet, serv Local Govt. Sutherland, Helena, for serv the R Britsh Legion Scotland. Swain, John Sanderson, for serv Grimsby Hospital, North East Lincs.

Tabert, James Edward Keir, Gen Medical Practitioner, Luton, Bedfordshire, serv Medicine. Taggart, Ian Michael Wade, TD, for serv Sailing for Disabled People. Tanner, David Harris, Team Leader, HM Board of Customs and Excise and Hon chm of Rex Blind Parties. Taylor, David Anthony, ltly Area Water Quality mgr, National River Authority, Anglian Region, serv the Environment. Terrington, Carole Anne, for serv the commty in Sundon, Bedfordshire. Tew, Gwendoline, for serv the commty in Llandow, South Wales. Thatcher, Noel, for serv Athletics for Disabled People. Themistocleous, Heather, Headmistress, Junior (Anglo-Cypriot) School, Nicosia. Thew, Marshall, TD, For charitable and commty serv in Wirral.

Thomas, John Edwin, Leading Firefighter, West Midlands Fire Service, serv the Fire Service. Thomas, Martyn Edmund, mgg dir, Sulzer (UK) Pumps Ltd, serv the Engineering ind. Thomas, Gwendoline Marian, exec Offr, DSS. Thomas, Marina Ann, School Crossing Patrol, Newton Abbot, Devon Cnty Ccl, serv Road Safety. Thompson, Kenneth Charles, Pay Band 8, the Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Thompson, Neil Dennis, Sub-Offr (Retained), Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, serv the Fire Service. Thomson, David Stratten, for welf serv the commty Kenya. Till, Douglas Albert, for serv Training in Worcester. Timmis, Anthony Richard Shaw, for serv the Building ind and to the commty in Yeovil Somerset. Toomey, Dawn Pauline, Higher exec Offr, Office for National Statistics. Torre, Luis Eric Rupert de la, for serv The St Nazaire Society. Tovey, John Joseph, for serv Tourism in Cumbria. Townsend, Stephanie Catherine, exec Offr, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Treitlein, Valerie Ann, Hon Brit Consul, Conakry. Trevennen, Rita, for serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Penzance, Cornwall. Trollope, Arthur George Cecil, for serv Conservation and to the commty in London. Troup, Doris AP, Member, Parkinsons Disease Society, Aberdeen, serv Health Care. Tsui, Carlye Wai-Ling, JP, for serv the commty, Hong Kong. Tuckley, Brian, Safety Offr, Inst of Food Research, serv science. Tudball, Valentine Thomas, for serv the Brit commty in Beirut. Turley, Roberta Diane, ltly Pte sec, Nuclear Electric plc, serv the Electricity ind.

Venables, Jean, dir, Venables Consultancy Services, serv Civil Engineering. Verdun, Thacker Keven, Ch exec Offr, the Lighting Association, serv Domestic Energy Efficiency. Vickerton, Beryl, clerk, Atwick Parish Ccl, serv local govt.

Waddell, John Hill, ltly HM Insp of Immigration for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Home Off. Waddell, Christina Mary, for serv Victim Support and to Carers of Disabled People in Stirling. Waddington, Peter, for serv the commty in Downton, Wiltshire. Wagstaff, Ann Cunningham, exec Offr, MoD. Wakeling, Geoffrey James George, Sen Engineer, Leicestershire Cnty Ccl, serv Highways Improvement. Walker, Graham Basil, Coxswain/Mechanic, Wells Lifeboat, Norfolk, serv the RNLI. Walker, Mary, chm, Gen Committee of the Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Inst Women's Trust Fund, for charitable serv. Walker, Nancy Hamilton, editor, Kinross Newsletter, serv the commty in Kinross-shire. Walker, Patricia Ann, Valuation Referencer, Bd of In Rev. Walker, Sheila Mary, for charitable serv. Walley, Freda Inez, for serv the commty partic Prisoner Welfare, in Walsall. Wallis, Valerie Ann, Vice-chm, YMCA, serv Young People in Kent. Wardrobe, John, for serv Association Football for Young People. Ware, Margaret Victoria, Sen exec Offr, ODA. Warsi, Perween, mgg dir, S and A Foods Ltd, serv the Food Manufacturing ind.

Waters, Michael Julian Christopher, Dep polit Adviser, Hong Kong. Waterson, Robert William, for serv the commty in Norwich, Norfolk. Watling, Prof Roy, Head of Mycology, R Botanic Garden Edinburgh, serv science. Watson, Arthur Aiken, for serv the commty in Tarves, Aberdeenshire. Watson, Dennis Drysdale, Driver, Badgerline Bus Company (Thamesway), Southend, Essex, serv Public Transport. Watts, Simon, Chief Scientist, Racal Radar Defence Systems Ltd, for scient serv the Defence ind. Weaver, John Anthony, for serv the Anglican commty, Sliema, Malta. Webber, Geoffrey Wingyett, TD, for serv the commty on the Isle of Wight. Wells, Geoffrey Gilbert, for serv the commty in Wick, West Sussex. Westacott, Ronald Edward, for serv the commty in Seend, Wilts. Westmarland, The Reverend Colin Andrew, for serv the Church of Scotland Malta. Wheatley, Brenda Maria, Support mgr 3, the Buying Agency, Cabinet Office (Office of Public Service). White, Marguerite Elizabeth, for serv the commty in Liverpool. White, The Reverend Derek, for serv Homeless People in London. Whitehouse, Derek Frederick, for serv the commty in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Whitford, Brian Peter, for serv the Personnel Protective Equipment ind.

Whittaker, Ivan William, Craftsman, National Grid Company plc, serv ind relations. Wicks, Keith Anthony, Head of Information Technology and Communications, Port of London Authority, serv the Port Authority. Wild, Harry Holmes St John, for serv the commty in Rochdale Lancashire. Willans, Henry Winston, for serv the Brit commty Uruguay. Williams, John Michael, for serv the commty partic the arts, in Buxton, Derbyshire. Williams, Lyndhurst, Constable, Met Pol, serv the police and to ind relations. Williams, Edith Frances, for serv the commty in Brislington, Bristol. Williams, Richard, for polit service. Williams, Richard Douglas, for serv journalism and to the commty in Cornwall. Williams, Roy, for polit service. Williams, Thomas Alan, Sen Scientist, Phosphates Group, Albright and Wilson Ltd, for scient serv the chemical ind. Wong, Judy, Shuk-ching JP, Assistant dir of Immigration, Hong Kong. Wong, Sista Annie Margaret, Kam-lin Principal, St Pauls Secondary and St Pauls Convent Schools, Hong Kong. Wood, Grace Ellen, for serv elderly people in Twerton, Bath. Wood, Marjorie, for serv the R Parks of London. Wooden, Margaret Jane, School Crossing Patrol, Lancs Cnty Ccl, serv road safety and to the commty. Woolnough, Alfred Thomas, driver, Met Pol, serv the Police. Wren, Simon William, ltly Higher exec Offr, MOD. Wright, Madge Margaret, for serv mentally handicapped people.

Yallop, Fred, emergency engineer, for humanitarian serv the former Yugoslavia. Yeung, James, Chi-kin Chief Lab Offr, Hong Kong. Young, Charles Henry, for serv the commty in South Shields, Tyne and Wear. Young, John Ralph, Technical Liaison mgr, Lever Brothers Ltd, serv the chemical ind. Young, John William, Brigade Treasurer, ltly chm, Eng and Wales Committee, Boys Brigade, serv The Boys Brigade.

Royal Victorian Order

Knight Grand Cross (GCVO)

Aird, Capt Sir Alastair Sturgis, KCVO, private sec and Comptr to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Fitzpatrick, Gen Sir Geoffrey Richard Desmond, GCB, DSO, MBE, MC, Gold Stick.

Knight Commander (KCVO)

Lowther, John Luke, CBE, Lord Lt of Northamptonshire.

Commander (CVO)

Cavendish, The Lady Elizabeth Georgina Alice, LVO, extra lady in waiting to the Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. Caws, Richard Byron, CBE, former Crown Estate Commr. Gilbert, Philip Stephen, OBE, broadcaster. Holdsworth, Sir George Trevor, trustee, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Lieutenant (LVO)

Blair, Capt Robert Neil, RN, private sec to the Duke of York and to Princess Alexandra, the Hon Lady Ogilvy. Blair, Hamish, Sen exec Offr, Scott Off. Brown, Laurence Albert, serv the R Collection. Buttress, Donald Reeve, surv of the fabric, Westminster Abbey. Frahm, Bernard Joseph, MVO, serv the Crown on royal visits to New Zealand. Laidlaw, Cdr Thomas Dixon, QPM, Met Pol. Lichfield, Leonora Mary The Countess of, extra lady in waiting to the Princess R. Percival, Allan Arthur, former press sec to the Prince of Wales. Sutherland, Alexander Hay, ch publity offr, Scott Off.

Member (MVO)

Bailey, Christian Mary, curator to the Prince of Wales. Booth, Frederick, ch heraldic painter, College of Arms. Brown, Ann Teresa, MBE, former Brit Overseas Trade Board. Butler, Matthew Nicholas, former asst private sec to the Prince of Wales. Clark, Pamela Margaret, dep regr, R Archives, Windsor Castle. Elliott Reginald, Higher exec Offr, Crown Estate, Windsor. Hampton, Valerie Winifred, pers sec to Princess Alexandra, the hon Lady Ogilvy. Hunter-Craig, Claire Elizabeth, sec, household of the Duke of Edinburgh. Jackson, Chief Yeoman Warder Norman William, HM, Tower of London. Masson, Alexander, hd gamekeeper, Balmoral Estate. Pepper, John Ronald, fmrly of Collingwood and Company Limited. Robinson, Insp Stephen Lionel, Rty and Diplomatic Protection Dept, Met Pol. Sly, Eileen Margaret, fmrly the Westminster Abbey Trust. Stewart, William Albert, hd warden, Palace of Holyroodhouse. Sutcliffe, Prudence Sarah, asst curator of the print room, Windsor Castle. Tabor, Lt Col Patrick John, former equerry to the Prince of Wales.

Royal Victorian Medal

Hart, John Nelson, gamekeeper, Sandringham Estate. Hodson, Keith, stud hand, R Studs. James Constable Anthony Claud, Rty and Diplomatic Protection Dept, Met Pol. Kerr, John Trodden, leading palace attendant, Windsor Castle. King, Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic (Mechanical) Andrew Kevin, HM yacht Britannia. Lines, Richard Clive, painter, Sandringham Estate. Morris, Musician William Huw, HM yacht Britannia. Murrell, Sgt Paul Andrew George, Norfolk Constabulary. Riches, Peter Leonard, frmn gardener, Crown Estate, Windsor. Shrubb, Constable Mervyn John, Rty and Diplomatic Protection Dept, Met Pol. Wetherill, David, sacristan, St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle. Willison, John Herbert, fmrly of Truefitt and Hill Limited, act PO Marine Engineering Mechanic (Electrical) Winstone Barry John, HM yacht Britannia.

Diplomatic & Overseas List


Knight Grand Cross (GCMG)

Coles, Sir (Arthur) John, KCMG, Permanent Under-Sec of State, FCO.

Knight Commander (KCMG)

Gore-Booth, The Hon David Alwyn, CMG, Brit High Commr, New Delhi. Jay, Michael Hastings, CMG, HM, Ambassador, Paris.

Commander (CMG)

Brooking, Maj Gen Patrick Guy, CB, MBE, serv UK German rels in Berlin. Cary, Anthony Joyce, cnsllr, FCO. Clibborn, John-Donovan Nelson dalla Rosa, cnsllr, FCO. Ford, Antony, former cnsllr, FCO. MacGlashan, Maureen Elizabeth, HM, Ambassador, Holy See. Ricks, David Trulock, OBE, former dir, Br Ccl, France. Synnott, Hilary Nicholas Hugh, former minister, Brit High Commn, New Delhi.

Royal Navy


Companion (CB)

Pack, Maj Gen Simon James, CBE, Revell, Surgeon Vice Adml Anthony Leslie, QHS,

Knight Commander (KBE)

Moore, Vice Adml Michael Antony Claes, LVO. ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE Commander (CBE)

Branscombe, Capt Paul, OBE, R Navy. Hutchison, Capt William Keith, R Navy. Read, Capt Keith Frank, R Navy.

Officer (OBE)

Ambrose, Cdr Peter David, R Navy. Boxall-Hunt, Cdr Brian Paul, R Navy. Bush, Maj Stephen John Duyland, R Marines. Channon, Cdr Michael John, R Navy. Johnstone-Burt, Cdr Charles Anthony, R Navy. Linstead-Smith, Cdr Peter John, R Navy. McAleese, Cdr George, R Navy.

Member (MBE)

Baker, CPO (Operations) (Radar) Alan James, D077088R. Baker, CPO Air Engineering Artificer (L) Stephen Michael, D109087R. Cook, Lt Cdr Harry Colin, R Navy. Cronin, Lt Cdr Alan Robert, R Navy. Elsworth, Lt Cdr Reginald Keith, R Navy. Foster, Lt Cdr David Michael, R Navy. Goodwin, Sgt Steven Paul, R Marines, P040469W. Gravestock, Lt Cdr (SCC) Denise Lilian, R Navy Reserve. Hatton, Lt Cdr (Acting Cdr) Hubert Frederick, R Navy. Jones, WO Peter Robert, Kings, Lt Cdr Simon John Nicholson, R Navy. Lacey, WO Michael Stephen, Lawton, WO Class 1 Peter, R Marines. Leggett, Lt Cdr (now Cdr) Christopher Charles, R Navy. Mawson, Lt Cdr Anthony Joseph, R Navy. Milne, WO Harold. Pell, Lt Cdr (Acting Cdr) Geoffrey Charles, R Navy. Smith, CPO (Diver) John Robert, D053657P. Turner, Colour Sgt Alan Keith, R Marines, P032549Y. Wallace, WO Nigel Frank. Woodford, Lt (now Lt Cdr) Geoffrey Ian, R Navy. Yui, WO Simon, Kwok Choi.

The Army ORDER OF THE BATH .TEXT: Knight Grand Cross (GCB)

Wheeler, Gen Sir Roger Neil, KCB, CBE, ADC Gen, (475595), fmrly The R Irish Regiment.

Knight Commander (KCB)

Cowan, Lt Gen Samuel, CBE, (474845), fmrly R Corps of Signals. Pike, Lt Gen Hew William Royston, DSO, MBE, (472599), fmrly the Parachute Regiment.

Companion (CB)

Phipps, Maj Gen Jeremy Joseph Julian, (472598) fmrly The Queen's Own Hussars. Scott, Maj Gen Michael Ian Eldon, CBE, DSO, (467628), fmrly Scots Guards. Willcocks, Maj Gen Michael Alan, (476673) fmrly R Regiment of Artillery. ORDER OF ST MICHAEL & ST GEORGE Commander (CMG)

Walker, Lt Gen Sir Michael John Dawson, KCB, CBE, (481887), fmrly The R Anglian Regiment. ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE Commander (CBE)

Delves, Maj Gen Cedric Norman George, DSO, OBE, (485712), fmrly the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment. Goad, Brig Kevin John Watson, ADC (472543), fmrly R Army Ordnance Corps. Skempton, Col (Acting Brig) Keith, (487055) fmrly the Cheshire Regiment. Whitley, Col (Acting Brig) Albert Edward, MBE, (495259), former Corps of R Engineers.

Officer (OBE)

Barrett, Lt Col Peter John, (482686) Adjutant Gens Corps (SPS). McDonnell, Lt Col Brian, (509404) The R Anglian Regiment. McGarr, Lt Col George, (508552) The R Logistic Corps. Nutt, Lt Col Brian, (489575) Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Prentice, Lt Col Keith Henry Neville, (488202) R Regiment of Artillery. Reason, Acting Col John David, (467319) Devonshire Army Cadet Force, Territorial Army. Sainsbury, Lt Col John David, TD, (453727), R Regiment of Artillery (Volunteers), Territorial Army. Salmon, Lt Col John Alexander Broome, (486736) the Princess of Wales's R Regiment. Thomson, Lt Col John Alexander, (496402) the Cheshire Regiment (Volunteers) Territorial Army. West, Lt Col Philip Roy, (485857) R Regiment of Artillery.

Member (MBE)

Alker, The Rev John Stephen, (513792) Chaplain to the Forces (3rd Class), R Army Chaplains Dept. Bain, Maj James Victor Glen, (520977) the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Bessey, 24821742 Cpl Christopher David Ernest, the R Logistic Corps. Bishop, Lt Russell John, (546098) the Parachute Regiment. Black, Maj Crispin Nicholas, (511814) Welsh Guards. Boyd, Maj Alexander Thomas, (496287) the R Logistic Corps. Bright, Maj Joseph, (518051) Adjutant Gens Corps (SPS). Brown, 24652448 Sgt (Acting Staff Sgt) David William, the R Logistic Corps. Buchanan, Maj Malcolm Hugh Peter, (495490) the R Logistic Corps. Card 24330851 WO Class 1 Andrew Kenneth George, the R Logistic Corps. Cheetham, Maj Steven, TD, (495676), Corps of R Engineers (Volunteers), Territorial Army. Cobb, Acting Lt Col John, (448934) Stoneyhurst College Combined Cadet Force, Territorial Army. Collinson, Maj Gavin Terence, (501572) the R Logistic Corps. Cooper, 24563002 Staff Sgt Anthony Raymond, Adjutant Gens Corps (RMP). Crawford, 24185755 WO Class 1 Alan John, Scots Guards. Crook, 24198806 WO Class 1 William, Adjutant Gens Corps (SPS).

Daniell, 23962020 Staff Sgt Graham Stuart, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Denham, 24511850 Sgt (Acting Colour Sgt) Stephen, the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment. Flannigan, 24072935 Staff Sgt John James, the Light Dragoons. France, Capt John William Alexander, BEM, (508406), the Green Howards (Volunteers), Territorial Army. Gill, 24750683 Cpl Michael Sean, Corps of R Engineers. Gordon, Maj Richard Duncan Brownrigg, (513813) Adjutant Gens Corps (ETS). Griffiths, Maj Paul Anthony Philip, (517124) R Regiment of Artillery. Gurung, Capt (Queen's Gurkha Offr) Dharmendra, (537028) the R Gurkha Rifles. Gurung, Maj (Gurkha Commned Offr) Lilbahadur, (513800) Queen's Gurkha Signals. Harris-Ward, Maj Leslie, TD, (502300), the Parachute Regiment (Volunteers), Territorial Army. Holley, Maj Lester Andrew, (505640) the R Gurkha Rifles.

Jackson Maj Anthony Lovell, (509141) R Regiment of Artillery. Kemp, Acting Maj John Frederick, (486467) Kent Army Cadet Force, Territorial Army. Keogh, 24011748 WO Class 2 Christopher, R Regiment of Artillery. Kirkpatrick, 24256499 Cpl of Horse Ian, the Blues and Rs. Lawther, Maj Robert Scott, (520854) the R Irish Regiment. LeQuelenec, Maj Allan Charles, (520025), R Army Medical Corps. Leighton, Maj Philip John, (509537) the Green Howards. Licence, Maj Richard Allen, (530853) R Corps of Signals. Lloyd, Maj Simon Jonathan Alun, (499742) R Regiment of Artillery. MacKinnon, 24435856 WO Class 2 John, Corps of R Engineers. MacLean, Lt Col Donald Anderson, (Retired). Marsden, Acting Lt Col Peter David, (473626) Monkton Combe School Combined Cadet Force, Territorial Army. Morrissey, 24335098 WO Class 1 Terence George, Adjutant Gens Corps (SPS). Nye, Lt Stuart Joseph, (546430) the Princess of Wales's R Regiment. O'Connor 24853206 L/Cpl (Acting Cpl) Derrick Anthony, Corps of R Engineers. Oliver, 24413672 Colour Sgt Stuart Owen, The R Regiment of Fusiliers. Partington Lt (Acting Capt) Nigel Derek, (546198) R Army Medical Corps. Pitchforth, Capt (Acting Maj) Brian William, (537833) the Parachute Regiment.

Preece, 24256052 WO Class 1 Joseph Thomas, the Light Dragoons. Raikes, Maj (Acting Lt Col) Graham Evan William Tudor, (510624) Adjutant Gens Corps (SPS). Richards, 24565384 WO Class 2 John Joseph, Adjutant Gens Corps (RMP). Robson, W0801011 Staff Sgt Sandra, the R Logistic Corps. Schofield, Maj Philip James Francois, (495231) the R Green Jackets. Shapland, Maj Michael Peter, (504505) R Tank Regiment. Sheppard, Maj Alistair Colin, (508235) Corps of R Engineers. Somerset, Acting Lt Col Robin Fitzroy, (414981) Winchester College Combined Cadet Force, Territorial Army. Stewart, 24386268 WO Class 2 Kevin, R Regiment of Artillery. Sutherland, Capt John, (537667) the Highlanders. Warren, Maj Robert William, (513382) Adjutant Gens Corps (RMP).

Royal Air Force


Companion (CB)

Carleton, Air Vice-Marshal Geoffrey Wellesley, R Air Force. Sherrington, Air vice Marshal Terence Brian, OBE, R Air Force. Order of the Bath ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE Commander (CBE)

Beazley, Gp Capt Roger Hubert, AFC, R Air Force (rtd). Gibson, Gp Capt George William, R Air Force (rtd). Tyack, A Cdre Ernest William, R Air Force.

Officer (OBE)

Barter, W Cdr Michael Carl, (8026633) R Air Force. Erskine Crum, W Cdr Walter Simon, (0608265) R Air Force. Gillingham, W Cdr Nigel Kenneth, (5203514) R Air Force. Hinder, W Cdr Malcolm Kenneth, (0207878) RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training). Jones, W Cdr Michael John, (0685361) RAF. Longman W Cdr Brian David, (0609376) RAF. Moran, W Cdr (now Gp Capt) Christopher Hugh, MVO, (5202768), RAF. Sims, W Cdr Stephen Ronald, (5203336) RAF. Williams, W Cdr Robert Adrian, (5204463) RAF.

Member (MBE)

Bennett, F Sgt Ronald John, (D8011572) RAF. Beresford, Flt Lt Ian Michael, (8151887) RAF. Biddleston, WO George Arthur, (D8068720) RAF. Brown, Sgt Karl Richard, (D8126056) RAF. Butler, Flt Lt (now Sq Ldr) Stephen John, (8080431) RAF. Chiddention, Sq Ldr Sean, (8028456) RAF. Cubin, Flt Lt Andrew, (8027993) RAF. Cummings, Flt Lt Neil, (3145881) RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training).

Deacon, Cpl Anthony David, (R8198216) RAF. Dean, Sq Ldr Brian, (4278701) RAF (rtd). Doherty, Junior Technician Peter, (E8254300) RAF. Doyley, Cpl Christine, (E8233551) RAF. Gillespie, Sq Ldr Iain Roderic, (2618287) RAF (rtd). Gough, WO Anthony John, BEM, (N1944467), RAF. Green, Cpl (now Acting Sgt) Alistair Colin, (B8213475) RAF. Hatch WO Michael John, (M0593513) RAF. Hopkins, Sq Ldr Mark William Gardner, (2625781) RAF. Kearney, WO William James Cameron, BEM, (D1949781), RAF. Kennedy, Sgt Gary, (L8001367) RAF.

Martin, Sgt Roy, (A8015128) RAF. Medland, WO Brian David, (R1949361) RAF (rtd). Mulloy, Cpl (now Acting Sgt) Kevin John, (F8201300) RAF. Partington, Cpl Ian William, (T8153337) RAF. Sim, Sq Ldr Vivienne Alexandra, (2797569) RAF (rtd). Smith, WO Keith Alexander, (P8089172) RAF. Smyth, Sq Ldr Steven Glynn, (8025529) RAF.

Walch, WO Barry, (U4287360) RAF. Wildman, Junior Technician Peter Allan, (D8410829) R Air Force. Wilkinson, Sq Ldr Timothy Andrew, (5203138) RAF. Woolfson, Master Aircrew Alistair John, (T8018944) RAF. ROYAL RED CROSS ARRC

Ward, Flt Lt Phillipa Jayne, (0409397) Princess Marys RAF Nursing Service.

Weir Sq Ldr Hazel, (0409276) Princess Mary's RAF Nursing Service.

Queen's Police Medal

Allen, Patrick John, Detective Sgt, R Ulster Constabulary. Bayliss, Anthony Richard, Detective Superintendent, Warwickshire Constabulary. Braithwaite, Keith, Chief Superintendent, R Hong Kong Police. Breen, Frank Joseph, Detective Constable, Thames Valley Police. Briggs, Michael, Cdr, Met Pol. Brown, Andrew Gibson, Assistant Ch Const, Lothian and Borders Police. Campbell, Trevor William, Detective Insp, R Ulster Constabulary. Coalter, William Joseph, Sgt, R Ulster Constabulary. Eggington, Eileen Margaret, Detective Chief Superintendent, Met Pol. Fox, Christopher, Assistant Ch Const (designated), Warwickshire Constabulary. Glover, Christopher John, Chief Superintendent, R Hong Kong Police. Griffiths, William, Cdr, Met Pol. Jones, Gareth, ltly Detective Superintendent, North Wales Police. Kenworthy, David Robertson, Assistant Ch Const (designated), Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Lau, Chun-sing, Chief Superintendent, R Hong Kong Police. Manning, Roger John, Chief Superintendent, Staffordshire Police. Moore, Graham, Assistant Ch Const (designated), Cambshire Constabulary. Nicholls, Terence Raymond, Constable, Met Pol. Nicholson, William Ian, Chief Superintendent, R Hong Kong Police. Oake, Robin Edgar Norman, Ch Const, Isle of Man Constabulary. Orr, John, OBE, Ch Const, Strathclyde Police. Picken, Peter John, Superintendent (Divisional Cdr), West Mercia Constabulary. Potts, Colin, Chief Insp (Divisional Cdr), Greater Manchester Police. Rae, William, Ch Const, Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary. Rogers, Gordon Michael, ltly Chief Superintendent, Wiltshire Constabulary. Sandall, Roger Edward, Chief Superintendent (Divisional Cdr), Norfolk Constabulary. Scott-Lee, Paul Joseph, Assistant Ch Const (designated), Suffolk Constabulary. Thomas, Richard Owen, Assistant Ch Const (designated), Gwent Constabulary. QUEEN"S FIRE SERVICE MEDAL Clenaghan, John, Divisional Offr Grade 1, Strathclyde Fire Brigade. Dale, Peter John, Chief Fire Offr, Staffordshire Fire Service. Dixon, Alan Kenneth, Assistant Divisional Offr, Cleveland Fire Brigade. Lam, Chun-man, Chief Fire Offr, R Hong Kong Fire Service. Lobban, Alexander James, Firemast, Grampian Fire Brigade.

Monk, Kenneth George, ltly Chief Fire Offr, Derbyshire Fire Service. Moore, Raymond, Assistant Chief Fire Offr, Northern Ireland Fire Brigade. Seaman, Alan Keith, ltly Temporary Chief Fire Offr, South Yorkshire Fire Service.