Alexa Chung: Sky Oscars presenter confessed she hadn't seen the films and didn't even know Neil Patrick Harris was hosting

The TV presenter and fashion commentator stunned film buffs with her apparent lack of interest in the Academy Awards movies

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Alexa Chung may have been there to mostly talk about fashion, but that didn't stop people from being astonished at how little she knew about the Oscars.

Talking on an Academy Awards panel alongside Kidulthood director Noel Clarke, journalist Boyd Hilton and film critic Alex Zane, Chung was forced to admit her ignorance about the ceremony.

She told the panel that she saw Whiplash "on the plane" but hadn't managed to finish it, hadn't seen Foxcatcher, and didn't even know that Neil Patrick Harris was hosting the event.

Chung was there to provide barbed comments on the red-carpet fashion on the Sky programme, but the fact she didn't know why a lot of the talent were there seemed odd to some viewers.



Chung also dismissed Best Supporting Actress Patricia Arquette's dress, saying: "She's had 12 years to think about this dress, and that's what she came up with."

She added: "I can see her armpits, and that dress is the pits."

Twitter, ever keen to light the touchpaper of indignation, was pretty peeved.

However, plenty of viewers seemed to like Chung's spiky sense of humour and the fact she described Lady Gaga as "wearing an egg or some s**t".