Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: AJM Hogg - Staff of FOSF.

Commanders: M. Anderson - MOD London; EW Dawson - RNEC Manadon; RF Edmonds - RAF Scampton; SR Munro - MOD London; PN Payne-Hanlon - Defiance; A. Smith - MOD Bath; AJD Somerville - Staff of FOST; AM Willmett - Dryad.

Surgeon Commanders: NS Bevan - Tamar; MV Morgan - MOD London; JJW Sykes - IAM ALverstoke.

Chaplains: SM Rae - Dartmouth BRNC; JK Watson - RM Condor.

Retirements: Commander FW Bumford; Commander HF Dean; Commander JJ Wray-Bliss.


General Sir John Waters, to be Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, from 5 April, in succession to General Sir Brian Kenny.

Lt-Gen Sir Michael Wilkes, to be Adjutant General in the rank of General, from 17 May, in succession to General Sir David Ramsbotham.

Maj-Gen HM Rose, to be Commander United Kingdom Field Army in the rank of Lieutenant- General, from 26 April, in succession to Lt-Gen Sir Michael Wilkes.

Maj-Gen RP Craig, to be Commander Medical United Kingdom Land Forces, from 26 March, in succession to Maj-Gen AC Ticehurst.

Maj-Gen FB Mayes, to be Director General Army Medical Services, from 1 April, in succession to Lt-Gen Sir Peter Beale.

Maj-Gen CBQ Wallace, to be Commandant Staff College, from 5 April, in sucession to Maj-Gen HM Rose.

Brigadier MIE Scott, to be General Officer Commanding Scotland in the rank of Major-General, from 6 April, in succession to Lt-Gen Sir Peter Graham.

Brigadier JF Deverell, to be Director General Army Manning and Recruiting in the rank of Major-General, from 16 April, in succession to Maj-Gen JFJ Johnston.

Colonels: JS Field - to BMATT ZIMBABWE; OT HAll - to be Comd Sup HQ EDIST.

Lieutenant-Colonels: GK Geddie RAOC - to CVD ASHCHURCH; RC Goodall RRW - To be CO ITB STRENSALL; P. Parfitt R SIGNALS - to be CO 33 Sig Regt.

Retirements: Col M. Campbell Late REME; Col WK Palmer Late REME.


Group Captains: CA Bolton - to HQ Nato IMS; WS Brereton-Martin - to MOD; M. Ryall - to DRA FARNBOROUGH; R. Dixon - to MOD; TF Burke - to HQ NATS; R. Brumpton - to HQ RAFSC.

Wing Commanders: G. Morton - to MOD LONDON; M. Duguid - to DD/EQUIPMENT(RAF); MJ Gregory - to JARIC BRAMPTON - to HW AAFCE RAMSTEIN; RC Feast - to RAF LOSSIEMOUTH; BH Hill - to MOD ACDS OR(AIR); IA Milne - to HQ 1GRP; PA Ahay - HQ NATS; RRC Parsley - to DUK/JOINT WARFARE; D. Hall - to RAF HOSPITAL WEGBERG.