Battle of Britain Service

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The Queen was represented by Air Chief Marshal Sir Roger Palin at the Battle of Britain Service of Thanksgiving and Rededication held yesterday in Westminster Abbey, London SW1. The Prince and Princess of Wales were represented by Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Grandy.

The Dean of Westminster, The Very Rev Michael Mayne, officiated, assisted by the Rev Paul Ferguson, Precentor. The Sermon was preached by the Assistant Chaplain-in-Chief (RAF), The Rev PR Turner (RAF), and the lessons were read by Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Harding, Chief of the Air Staff, and Flight Lieutenant GJ Williams.

Among those present were:

The Lord Mayor of Westminster, Dr Cyril Nemeth, and Mrs Nemeth; Viscount Cranborne (Under-Secretary of State for the Armed Forces, representing HM Government) and Viscountess Cranborne; Mr John Smith QC MP (Leader of the Opposition, representing the Labour Party); Lady Harding; Sir Christopher France (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence) and Lady France; Air Chief Marshal Sir Brendan Jackson (Air Member for Supply and Organisation) and Lady Jackson; Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon (Air Officer Commanding in Chief HQ Strike Command) and Lady Graydon; Mr DM Spiers (Controller Aircraft RAF) and Mrs Spiers; Air Marshal Sir John Thomson (Air Officer Commanding in Chief HQ Support Command); Air Marshal Sir Michael Simmons (Deputy Controller Aircraft RAF) and Lady Simmons; Air Vice-Marshal AJC Bagnall (Assistant Chief of the Air Staff) and Mrs Bagnall.

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Denis and Lady Spotswood; Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Michael and Lady Beetham; Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Keith and Lady Williamson; Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord and Lady Craig; Lady Grandy; Lady Palin; General Sir Peter and Lady Inge; Lord Shackleton; Lord and Lady Hailsham; Mr and Mrs James Wellbeloved; Mrs Bruce Millan; Dr David Clark MP (Shadow Defence Spokesman); Lady Humphrey; Lady Pike; Lady Douglas of Kirtleside; Air Commodore R. Montague (Director Women's Royal Air Force) and Mr N. Montague; Maj-Gen Charles D. Link (Commander 3rd USAFE). Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris (Chairman, Battle of Britain Fighter Association) and Lady Foxley-Norris; Sir Hector Monro MP (Hon Inspector General Royal Auxiliary Air Force); Air Chief Marshal Sir Neil and Lady Wheeler; Air Chief Marshal Sir Douglas and Lady Lowe; Air Chief Marshal Sir Thomas and Lady Prickett; Air Chief Marshal Sir Ruthven Wade; Air Chief Marshal Sir Denis Smallwood and Mr Christopher Smallwood; Air Chief Marshal Sir Lewis and Lady Hodges; Air Chief Marshal Sir David and Lady Parry Evans; Air Chief Marshal Sir Patrick and Lady Hine; Air Chief Marshal Sir Joseph Gilbert (President of RAFA) and Lady Gilbert; Air Chief Marshal Sir Thomas Kennedy (Controller, Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund) and Lady Kennedy; Air Chief Marshal Sir Frederick and Lady Rosier; Air Chief Marshal Sir John and Lady Barraclough.

Air Marshal Sir Charles and Lady Ness; Wing Commander Lord and Lady Dowding; Lord Newall; Sir Ewen and Lady Broadbent; Sir John and Lady Blelloch; Col Charles Sweeny (Representing the Eagle Squadron); Sir Anthony Harris and Miss Rosemary Harris; Air Marshal Sir Kenneth Hayr; Air Marshal Sir John and Lady Kemball; Air Marshal Sir Roger and Lady Austin; Air Marshal Sir Michael and Lady Alcock; Air Marshal and Mrs JF Willis; Mr John Cahill and Miss Ann Cahill; Sir Peter and Lady Levene; Sir Walter Verco; Katherine Andrews and Dr Andrews; Mr and Mrs RH Evans; Mr and Mrs P. Hearne; Mr and Mrs J. Weston; Mr and Mrs Alan Jones; Mr and Mrs N. Barber; Mr and Mrs M. Marshall; Mr and Mrs PJ Hudson; Mr and Mrs John Terraine; Professor and Mr R. O'Neill; Air Marshal Sir Harold and Mrs S. Maguire; Air Chief Marshal Sir Harry and Lady Broadhurst; Air Marshal Sir Denis and Lady Crowley-Milling; Air Vice-Marshal and Mrs GP Chamberlain; Air Vice-Marshal H. Bird-Wilson; Mrs Gillam; Air Vice-Marshal and Mrs HAV Hogan; Air Commandant Dame Jean Conan-Doyle; Air Commodore PF Marshall; Air Commandant BM Ducot-Amos WRAF; Air Vice-Marshal and Mrs DG Bailey (Representing RAFA); Air Vice-Marshal A. Maisner (President, Polish Air Forces Association) and Mrs A. Maisner; Gp Capt KS Batchelor (Vice-President Bomber Command Association) and Mrs Batchelor; Mr JB Hughes (President, Pathfinders Association) and Mrs Hughes; Air Commodore MG Tomkins (Secretary General, Royal Air Forces Association) and Mrs Tomkins; Gp-Capt FH Dell (Chairman, RAF Escaping Society) and Mrs Dell; Air Cdre J. Broughton (Chairman, Aircrew Assocation) and Mrs Broughton; Observer Captain Hughes (Commandant Royal Observer Corps) and Mrs Hughes; Wing Commander NPW Hancock (Secretary, Battle of Britain Fighter Association) and Mrs Hancock.