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The Right Rev John Bickersteth, former Clerk of the Closet to the Queen, 73; Mr Brian Booth, Rector and chief executive, Central Lancashire University, 52; Mr Simon Burns MP, 42; Mr Sherban Cantacuzino, Secretary, Royal Fine Art Commission, 66; Sir Derman Christopherson, former Master, Magdalene College, Cambridge, 79; Miss Britt Ekland, actress, 51; Sir Andrew Hugh Smith, chairman, London Stock Exchange, 63; Sir John Johnson, chairman, Countryside Commission, 64; Mr Roger Law, puppeteer, 53; Mr George Mann, cricketer and former chairman, TCCB, 77; Miss Monica Mason, ballerina, 53; Sir Peter Pain, former High Court judge, 81; Sir James Stubblefield, geologist, 93; Miss Jackie Trent, singer and lyricist, 54; Sir Anthony Wagner, Clarenceux King of Arms, 86; Mr Terence Wood, ambassador to Austria, 58.