Blake Lively breastfeeding her baby is brought to you by Loreal Paris

Official sponsor of sideboob

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Whenever Blake Lively posts a photo of herself on Instagram, she makes sure to tag Loreal Paris USA for her hair colour and the designers of any jewellery she might be wearing in/for it.

It is what it is. Everyone's gotta make a dollar.

The subtle advertising is a bit less palatable when she's breastfeeding her baby though, who has just unwittingly become a shill for brands.

"The PERKS of breastfeeding" Lively wrote alongside the image, which has already drawn 320,000 likes.

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The 27-year-old actress, wife to Ryan Reynolds, gave birth to daughter James just before the New Year.

Breasts have been causing huge controversy on Instagram lately, with women putting print-outs of male nipples over their own to show the absurdity of the social network's no female nipples policy.

In previous weeks, users had fun seeing what other subtle ways they could incorporate boobs and get around the rules, reproducing photos in paintings and uploading them.