Anderson Cooper responds to Donald Trumps's Twitter attack on CNN: 'Doesn't he have a briefing on Isis to be reading?'

'What is he doing?' anchor asks

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Since Donald Trump won the election, a predominant subject matter of his ever-eventful Twitter feed has been attacking the media, in recent days, more specifically CNN.

Following his unfounded claims that “millions of people voted illegally” in the US election, Mr Trump embarked on a Twitter spree against the broadcaster on Monday evening continuing into Tuesday morning. He re-tweeted five consecutive critical tweets of senior reporter Jeff Zeleny, who had said the President-elect had no evidence of mass voter fraud in favour of Hillary Clinton, before accusing the network of being “so embarrassed by their total support of Hillary Clinton, and her loss in a landslide, that they don’t know what to do”.

In one further patronising tweet, the 70-year-old said despite his anticipations CNN would “improve” after the election they are actually worse.

Now, one of the corporation’s best-known and respected anchors, Anderson Cooper, has questioned how on earth a man soon to be running the most powerful country in the world has time to pick fights with journalists on Twitter.

On his show Anderson Cooper 360, he said: “When I first heard that he [Mr Trump] was tweeting about something on this broadcast... I kept thinking, ‘Doesn’t he have a briefing book on Isis to be reading?'

“There is a huge amount of information for him to be absorbing now and thinking about and the fact that he's watching the show, I appreciate he’s watching the show, but what is he doing?” the anchor asked.