Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again... Says the most unlikely source ever

The Palace has confirmed that the ‘former friend’ of the Duchess is indeed the worst insider of all time

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The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a second child, according to the least likely person to have any insight into her life whatsoever.

The “former friend” of the royal, Jessica Hay, “confirmed” the pregnancy to Australian gossip magazine New Day.

The insider, who met Kate at the elite Marlborough College when she was a teenager, said that her “inner circle” was “buzzing” with the “news”, adding that the world should brace itself for an announcement in the next few weeks.

She went on to suggest that Kate’s figure had already started to blossom, and that the Duchess had been making deliberate changes to her wardrobe and hair in order to conceal said changes.

“(Kate) has rosy cheeks, she’s letting her greys show again and whenever she’s out in public she goes to great lengths to hold something over her tummy,” Hay told them. Because obviously pregnancy is the next logical step to not frantically concealing the occasional silver follicle.


Sounds like the ramblings of a mad lawyer. But it is the same mad lawyer who correctly foresaw her first pregnancy (sort of) when she gave a world interview about it in 2012, weeks before Buckingham Palace confirmed the news following her spell in hospital for acute morning sickness.

Less correctly, that she’d employed her own mother Carole as a nanny.

She also tried her hand at predicting the date of the royal wedding, missing the mark by a mere several months.

Hay’s past claims have included the Duchess being a victim of bullying when the pair shared a dorm as teenagers. She later retracted this claim. Alongside further musings on her former dating habits.

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Unsurprisingly, however, Buckingham Palace has assured us that Hay is indeed a “former friend” of the Duchess’ – one that she hasn’t spoken to for a great many years and definitely not one still in touch with her “buzzing inner circle”.

Next Tuesday (22 July) will mark the first birthday of Prince George.

Rumours that George could be set to have a sibling first surfaced during the couple’s royal tour of Australia and New Zealand earlier this year. However, the Duchess quickly quashed the claims by necking a large glass of wine during a tasting tour.