Estonian president rips off glasses and earpiece live on Sky News after Dermot Murnaghan gets his name wrong

Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan seemed unfazed by the blunder

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The President of Estonia refused to continue an interview with a Sky News presenter today after he got his name wrong.

Dermot Murnaghan, who was presenting the Sky News bulletin this morning, was to interview Toomas Ilves, but little did he know that the president would not be happy with being called by his middle name Hendrik.

Mr Ilves, rather than Mr Hendrik, looked down and smiled dryly before interrupting the presenter. He then ripped off his glasses and earpiece before saying something about “getting my name right” – which is not entirely audible.

They both remained in awkward silence for seven seconds before the president then rolled his eyes in exasperation.

Seemingly unaffected by the mistake, Murnaghan swiftly announces a “quick look at the weather”.

Labour shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna stormed out of a Sky News interview conducted by Murnaghan last month after the presenter asked him a question about  Eric Pickles’ letter to mosques in the UK, which he had not read at the time.

Chuka Umunna hadn't read the letter that Murnaghan asked about

Mr Umunna, who called Murnaghan “ridiculous” thought he was invited on the show to discuss the government’s economic policies.

The interview with Mr Ilves was scheduled to discuss the president’s response to Vladmir Putin, leader of neighbouring Russia, being described as acting like “a mid-twentieth century tyrant” by the UK foreign secretary Philip Hammond.

It is understood that the interview with Mr Ilves, who was talking via video link from Munich, was resumed later in the day.