For sale: A jar of Kevin Spacey's breath

Genuine, untouched air from the lungs of Spacey

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Are you a fan of Kevin Spacey? Respiration? Then Craigslist has just the auction for you, a jar allegedly containing the House of Cards actor's breath.

The Canadian seller claims he worked with Spacey on the set of American Beauty, where they asked him to blow in a jar as a present for his mother.

"She was a huge Kevin Spacey fan before she passed away," they wrote in the description. "I think because he resembled her first husband that loved woodwork," (though I'm not sure why the woodwork bit was relevant).

"I don't know if Kevin Spacey knows anything about dovetail joints or how to work an auger, but apparently he likes breathing into jars"

house of cards.jpg

"Anyway, this is real, it's his actual breath in there," they added.

The seller also noted that he and Spacey had just eaten chicken pasta when the jar breathing took place, adding a frisson of disgustingness to the auction.

The actor's breath comes in a super hip Mason jar, and is now under offer.