The opportunity of a lifetime for a young drumming sensation

Linden Berelowitz started playing the drums aged 10 and now, eight years later, has applied for Great Britons flights so he can attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, US, where he has been offered a scholarship to study the drums, following an audition in which the college described his playing as ‘outstanding’
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“There is more to drumming than just hitting them as hard as you can – there are subtleties and intricacies and the possibilities are endless,” he says. “The drummer, alongside the bassist, is the core of the band.

“There is a perception that opportunities for professional drummers are limited, but I believe that it doesn't matter what instrument you play – just keep practising and networking and if you’re good enough, there will always be possibilities.

“I do many styles and genres of music. What I play and what I listen to are very different. I'm really into jazz, funk and soul, but also more synth-based stuff, and I've played everything from live drum-and-bass gigs to girl-band records in the studio.

“Most recently, I played drums on a track called Upside Down for Paloma Faith's latest album. I’ve also been playing with a group called His Girl Friday. We did a few tour dates supporting Just Jack, including the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London in November. And I’ve been collaborating with 2009 UK Beatbox Champion Reeps One, doing both recording and live shows. I'm still at the early stages of my career and I’ve no idea what could pop up next!”

As well as playing, Berelowitz teaches the drums. “Why keep your skills to yourself?” he says. “I'm always keen to teach because it's exciting seeing youngsters being genuinely enthusiastic about learning music, rather than being forced to take up an instrument. I equally enjoy trading skills with other musicians of a similar standard and having drum lessons myself.”

Berelowitz attended a five-week summer course at Berklee College of Music in 2008, which gave him a taster of life there. He then applied to be a full-time student, won a place at the college and is due to start his four-year course in September next year, but is struggling to find the funds he needs.

“Berklee is renowned as the premier music school for contemporary music,” he says, “and I was impressed with the course structure and facilities when I was there. The general way of teaching is open minded and fits my approach to learning.

“The college offers a series of specialties and it’s most likely that I’ll do the performance major. I hope to improve my playing skills there and meet other musicians with a similar mindset.

“However, Berklee is really expensive because of its worldwide reputation and the facilities available. I have been offered a part scholarship, but it’s still very expensive.

“I applied to Great Britons because it seemed like a great opportunity to get closer to going to Berklee. Not only are the costs of being an international student in the US exorbitant, there are numerous peripheral costs, too, so taking care of my travel from the UK would be a big bonus. I am still looking for additional funding to make my studies in Boston a reality.”